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Five-Star Rated Lahaina Plumbers. we also known as Lahaina plumber, SC Plumbing, plumbing service Lahaina, plumbing repair Lahaina. We are available 24/7 to solve your plumbing problems with 100% satisfaction. SC Plumbing is available for great service.

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6 customer reviews

18 May 2021

We had a water heater replaced by Kris at S.C. Plumbing and we couldn't be more satisfied.We got a bid from another plumbing company in Lahaina for over $2,000.  but when Kris from S.C. Plumbing handed his bill it was for $1030.  We could not believe the difference.Today we had Kris at S.C. Plumbing install an new sink faucet.You can depend on them for a fair price and excellent workmanship.Oh, BTW, Cassidy, the girl who answers the phone at S.C. Plumbing goes out of her way to help. They are good people!C. Hull More...

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19 March 2021

SC was actually the second company we called. The other place didn't have an opening until 3 days from now. But SC were able to come the same day. We definitely had a main pipe clog because two showers and two toilets were not draining at one side of our house. They were able go find the blockage. They had to go back to the office to pick up a bigger snake tool. Apparently the blockage could be from tree roots. We are literally waiting for them to comeback as I type this review. So hopefully I'm not making a 5 star review prematurely. But I will write back if I do! So far we are satisfied with their fast response and fast problem solving skills. More...

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19 December 2020

Called for hydro jetting for our drain lines and they responded quickly and their service is excellent. Call these guys for your plumbing needs, seriously. Ask for Cassidy, her customer service is top notch. More...

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1 October 2020

I called SC service twice! The first time William showed up and was so happy and cheerful! He asked a few questions and figured out the problem right away! !! He was so fast and efficient! Best experience ever! Today I called again for another problem. I don't remember his name, but he was very professional and got the job done quickly! Not to mention they are always  on time on the dot! More...

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9 September 2020

SC Plumbing was highly recommended by my friend.  Cassidy was professional, friendly, and understanding.  She quickly set an appointment.  David arrived on time and was quick to diagnose the issue.  He was professional, knowledgeable, and quick.Cassidy followed up with a phone call and I couldn't be happier.  True aloha at SC Plumbing!  Mahalo! More...

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4 September 2020

SC Plumbing has been our go-to plumber since 2014. There have been little things that aren't perfect, but they've always been reasonable to work with. Today, I had a horrible experience with them that is forcing me to go elsewhere for plumbing. Since David was very worked up in our phone call, I decided to write up this review in the hopes that he'll process the situation more calmly and rethink how he handled today. SC was scheduled at 9am this morning to come and look at our water heater that they installed a few years ago (2017?). I explained to the dispatcher that the emergency release valve was releasing water into the pan and that the base of the water heater had some rust (because it wasn't elevated when it was installed by SC). I should also note that the pan doesn't have any way to drain, so upon discovering this problem I had questions as to why the water heater wasn't elevated to begin with to avoid this very situation. The dispatcher called a few hours before the 9am arrival because there was a plumbing emergency they had to attend to and couldn't make the 9am arrival. I completely understood. Not upset at all about the need to reschedule. The dispatcher asked if I could be available at 11:30a, but I asked her to make it noon since I am working from home and had client calls scheduled. When they finally arrived late at 12:30p, I was starting another client call and explained that I would leave the door open, but wouldn't be available to discuss the issue with him. Despite setting that expectation, the plumber came up, started asking me questions and I had to interrupt my client call for more than 20 minutes.  In the course of that 20 minutes, while he was very nice, I was asked if I could provide a ladder or step stool; I couldn't get a direct answer on whether the water heater should be elevated in the pan to prevent the water accumulation and rusting that had occurred; I couldn't get a direct answer on whether the water heater would have issues now that rust had set in on the base; I couldn't get a direct answer as to why the release valve was malfunctioning. I was asked repeatedly when it was installed, how hot my water was, and other questions that I think could've been answered without my input from their records or looking at the readout on the water heater. [My client, who was incredibly understanding and listening to all of this, shared that she couldn't believe how unprofessional this was and said that I was incredibly patient given the situation. I was embarassed to have wasted her time and obviously won't be charging her for the interrupted call.] Ultimately, he diagosed that he needed to drain the water heater, replace the emergency valve, and said that "if it were him, he would've elevated the heater" but he needs two guys to do that. Given that scope, I said they could call to schedule it for next week. He left, I was finally able to resume my client call, until it was interrupted again by a call from David, that was agitated telling me his plumber was waiting in the parking lot to do work. I told him that I was on a call and would call him back and he asked me how I wanted to solve this (?). I told him I would call him back when I was available. When I did call back about 30 minutes later, David accused me of wasting his plumber's time, being unreasonable, and refused to listen to the situation. When I tried to explain all of the above, he repeatedly cut me off, told me I was being difficult to work and communicate with, and became increasingly agitated. I eventually just hung up because yelling at people is wholly unacceptable and I would *never* treat a long-time client that way even if they were 100% in the wrong. Everyone has a bad day, so I am hoping that was the case with David & his team today and that he'll process this and do the right thing going forward. Bottom line, COVID and a number of other things have made this an incredibly stressful time for everyone and we're all dealing with a lot. I expect that when I am understanding of others and their constraints, they will be understanding with me. I was completely understanding of the challenges that SC had this morning, but that same grace wasn't granted to me when I told them my constraints this afternoon. Instead, I was blamed for not being 100% available when they decided to show up and blamed for them not having two staff members to do a job that required two (how that works I have no idea?). Going to end it here, because Steve's Plumbing just arrived and so far, they have been great to work with-- answered the phone asking "how can I make your day better", wanted to come out immediately, stated their charges upfront, did a COVID phone screening, & has a mask and gloves without me asking.I'll be happy to update this review so long as I don't get a charge from SC and David sends an apology. More...

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