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29 October 2021

Never cease to amaze, My 5 year old just demolished the 5.0! Everything was above and beyond, per usual! Xoxo

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10 May 2021

My family and I eat at the Wentzville location almost monthly. We absolutely love the staff, the manager, and the food. THE ABSOLUTE BEST SERVICE WE HAVE HAD AT ANY RESTAURANT WE HAVE ATE AT. I can not express how much we recommend this location and restaurant. Our youngest son is a picky eater and he even loves going here to. There is not enough stars in the sky to rate this location. Keep up good work. I recommend you guys daily. We are definitely customers for life. More...

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22 March 2021

We had delivery last night from the St. Charles location. The calzones and salads were great and the price point is even better. Our delivery driver was great!

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21 March 2021

My husband and I just tried Sauce on the Side in the Streets if St Charles. It was wonderful. My husband had the Costanza-it was huge! Enough to take home for tomorrow’s lunch. I had the Strawberry Fields Salad-fresh strawberries and delicious dressing. Friendly staff and great food. We will be back. More...

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14 March 2021

Ate at the Big Bend location last night, and it was great. The staff worked efficiently and fast, even though it was busy. Portion of the calzone was huge and filling, but not to where you’re uncomfortable. I felt that the price was about right given the ingredients. I ate the popular Buffalo chicken one and they give you extra sauce on the side, by request. Lots of beverage choices and you can even choose beer. I’ll be back to try the constanza. More...

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18 February 2021

Went to the Clayton location on Feb 13. The staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and professional. I've never had anything bad or even just ok. It's always great food!

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6 February 2021

We had a great lunch today at the Clayton location. We were pondering the menu trying to decide what to get for our two year old. They offered to make her mac n cheese which was just as delicious as our calzones. Thanks again! More...

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4 February 2021

This was the BEST calzone I have EVER had in my life!!!! I won’t ever skimp, if I am WITHIN 50 miles of this place! GET IN MY BEEELLY!!

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15 January 2021

First and last time I will ever order from here. So according to the manager, I assume, one of the items I order via Door dash was not prepared as such was never placed into the order to be delivered. And the nonchalant attitude of this person representing this business only made matters worse. Not everyone has 10 dollars to give away contrary to what you may think. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN!!! Just horrible...do better! More...

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15 December 2020

def reccommend! so good and friendly staff

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29 November 2020

Very very good Highly recommended

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20 November 2020

Amazing food and service!

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6 November 2020

I made a review on October 29th and it was taken down with any acknowledgment or attempt to correct the issue. This shows they had no intention on correcting the problem. Buyers beware: Just left and did not enjoy or appreciate the experience. I ordered a smokehouse salad with grilled chicken. The sliced grilled chicken had pink spots in it. I wrapped it up in a napkin and discreetly took it to the counter where no one was and quietly reported my findings and ask for a couple of different slices to replace the under cooked ones I got. The young lady said sure thing. I went back to my seat and began to dress my salad and wait for my chicken. The manager came (a young white gentleman) to the table and very abrasively introduced himself as “The Manager” and proceeded to ask me what was the problem. I opened the napkin to him the chicken and stated it has pink spots in it and I would.... He then cut me off and stated to me, that he ensure me the chicken is in fact done but was still pink because of veins and marbling but that he can replace it. I replied with, “Please.” He then brought me, chopped chicken in a black cup. I placed it on a napkin and began to inspect it because I’m cautious at this point. I wasn’t sure if it was tampered with or if it was another round of undercooked chicken. By it being chopped so fine, I couldn’t make a clear determination that it was ok to eat, so I left it in the napkin and placed it back in the black cup uneaten. My coworker gave me a heads up that the young lady (a white young lady) was watching me the whole time. 🤷🏾‍♀️ My coworker began coughing and choking a little from eating and proceeded to the counter to buy a bottle of water due to the fountain being out of service during the pandemic. Her money was taken and the young lady went looking for a bottle of water. The young lady and the manager came from the back to tell her she would be refunded because they didn’t have any water bottles left in the store. Pleasant enough? However, a older white lady walked in, took a seat and the manager went over to her table and asked her if he could get her a glass of water or something else to drink. WAIT! WATER!? That was my Q to leave because it was obvious I wasn’t welcomed. It’s hard to believe that people still treat people like this. Hate and intolerance is being bread and spread far too often and it must be stopped! More...

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