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Quit Smoking.
Lose Weight.
Pain Management.
Careers and Interviewing.
Test Taking.
Public Speaking.
Pre-and-Post Surgery.
and so much more.

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23 March 2021

Sandy absolutely helped me overcome some debilitating physical manifestations of the stress and trauma I had experienced in the last year, which normal therapy wasn't quite getting at. I was a little skeptical of hypnosis at first, but I was amazed after my first session. It's not like I'm sitting in a room and Sandy is telling me how great I am for an hour, she gets down to the meat of my issue, explains why my body is reacting to triggers how it is in a way that is backed by neuroscience and my experiences, then caters her hypnosis to that. I began sleeping more restfully and without nightmares (which I didn't even go to her for) and my chiropractor also said my muscles were less tense, and I didn't even tell him I'd started seeing Sandy. I don't remember a lot of the hypnosis itself, but I remember coming to each time much calmer, and after my fourth and final session, I was thrilled with how my physical triggers had started melting away. You saved me Sandy! More...

Sandy Ames Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Mike, you were open. You did this work. I am so proud of you. And what a pleasure! Thank you for bringing me joy for four weeks. So, we’re even :)

3 February 2021

Sandy helped my anxiety SO MUCH! Before coming to Sandy I had explored traditional therapy and been coping with CBD oil to ease my nerves around school and self esteem. As any millennial, I wanted what seemed like an immediate change to take place in my life and Sandy helped me achieve just that (well pretty close)! It takes a conscious effort to keep up with being mindful and consistent, but in the days following my session I felt a positive shift in my confidence and attitude about school and my abilities. Sandy taught me how to recognize my anxious response and treat it as just that, a response that even though it may come naturally for me, it is only as powerful as I allow it to be. Sandy immediately put me at ease and helped me understand the basis of this method. I know hypnotherapy sounds wild, but trust me, it was worth it!!! Thank you Sandy! More...

14 August 2020

Sandy is incredible! The perfect combination of tough love and empathy! Exactly what I needed to quit smoking! She goes deeper than the problem of smoking and treats the issues that cause you to smoke to begin with!

23 August 2019

Sandy Ames Hypnotherapy is the go-to, one stop shop. She really focuses on what you want to achieve during your sessions, and is genuinely one of the best individuals in this space. Definitely check her out if your thinking about losing weight, quitting smoking, or you need help falling asleep! More...

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2 August 2019

Highly recommended hypnotherapist! Sandy is my self-help guru full of valuable information. When I first started working with Sandy in 2016, we focused mostly on reducing test anxiety. With the help of Sandy's one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions and audio guided meditation, I no longer feel anxious when sitting for large exams. Her sessions also helped me retain information when studying! After the success with reducing anxiety, I asked Sandy to help me in other areas of life. From there Sandy completely transformed my personality; i have quit smoking, hypnotherapy for weight loss along with vegan cleanse, passed 3 career focused exams, and completed two sessions of hypnotherapy with my loving partner. Sandy, thank you so much for the incredible work you've done with me. I seriously can't thank you enough and owe you for a whole new life!!!! This review is the LEAST I can do. More...

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24 July 2019

I’ve tried everything , every diet, every pill . I exercise daily and yet still wasn’t happy . Besides weight I had sleep issues . so I figure why not give it a try . WOW , from my first phone call Sandy has this ease about her , you want to do this , you want to succeed . After my first session , I felt amazing renewed , I walked away with tools I can use for the rest of my life , hypnotherapy isn’t what you think it is , it’s so ,I have more . Sandy doesn’t just rush thru she gets to know you , really know you , her kindness and amazing ability is hard to miss . She gets excited for you when you have great days and supports you thru the bad ones ( which are far and few ) I’m losing weight slowly I feel better slimmer more energized people are noticing asking me what I’ve done , lots of compliments on how good I look , come on who doesn’t want that , you do have to put some effort in but it gets easier and easier . Don’t think twice , reach out to Sandy it will change you and your life and you know your worth it . Thanks Sandy More...

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26 June 2019

Relaxing like going to the spa but with long term effects.

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22 May 2019

I'm down 40 pounds and counting since I started working with Sandy. Seeing a hypnotherapist was not the first weight loss method I tried but I can promise you it's been the most effective!

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21 May 2019

Amazing!! My first time trying hypnotherapy and it changed my life! No trouble falling asleep anymore!

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15 May 2019

You are AMAZING!!! Completely changed my life!

14 May 2019

Sandy, where have you been all my life?? I've had issues sleeping for as long as I can remember and after meeting with Sandy, I'm sleeping better than I have in YEARS!!

14 May 2019

Sandy. Is. Incredible.

I feel healthier, I feel happier, I feel more confident. I'm so happy I tried hypnotherapy.!!

14 May 2019

I had never tried hypnotherapy before so I was skeptical but I was blown away with the results. Sandy is the absolute best at what she does!

14 May 2019

I had never tried hypnotherapy before so I was skeptical but I was blown away with the results. Sandy is the absolute best at what she does!

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14 May 2019

Sandy is the absolute best!!!

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14 May 2019

Sandy, where have you been all my life I've had issues sleeping for as long as I can remember and after meeting with Sandy, I'm sleeping better than I have in YEARS!!

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30 April 2019

Amazing! Life changing! Thank you.

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Our clients get results! They go deep. It happens quickly. I LOVE to see clients come back just to tackle us with hugs and thank you’s. -Sandy

I’ve been a professional Broadcaster for 30 years. During that time I built a wellness foundation as a yoga, meditation, and corporate trainer. Having become a fully accredited, Certified Hypnotherapist was a natural transition. It’s all about connecting, isn’t it?

When asked why a client should choose me, I don’t know that I’d say it that way. You “shouldn’t” do anything. Choose the Hypnotherapist with whom you feel a deep connection and trust. Your gut will tell you. If I’m that person, chances are, it’s mutual.