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Our investigators are experts when it comes to domestic cases such as proving cheating spouses, cohabitation and child custody issues. Our investigators get the truth, which in turn can save the customer lower alimony/child support payments as to compared to the present amount paid.

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5 September 2023

I was a bit skeptical about using a Private Investigator due to the expense of it all but NullHacks Private Investigators (nullhacker007 (@) gmail, com) was very efficient and guided me the whole way. Sadly my case was an infidelity related case, I was loosing my mind and drowning in my thoughts because I couldn't get enough proofs to support my acquisitions, However I reached out to NullHacks Private Investigators and to my utmost surprise, I was sent a Link that gave me full access to my husbands device. The things I saw broke my heart into a million pieces, I could read his live text messages, deleted text messages, I listened to live conversations any time he was on the phone with her, I could track his location, basically it looked like I had his device with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better service. The evidence NullHacks Private Investigators managed to obtain was just want I needed for closure on an unhealthy relationship. I recommend you reach him on his email nullhacker007 (@) gmail, com. He's top notch! More...

12 June 2022

Sherlockstorm Investigation Services was incredibly awesome to work with. Jeff and his team were very professional and conscientious about their role. My case was a case of infidelity and I needed all the help to catch my wife or even get proof to support my acquisitions. However with the help of Sherlockstorm Investigation Services, I was able to gain access to my ex wife mobile phones and laptop remotely. I was able to monitor all her activities in real time. not limited to her text messages, snapchat, emails, whatsapp, facebook, images, videos, I was also able to listen to live conversations and calls. I know some of you may judge me for this but trust me you don't know this feeling until you experience it. Sherlockstorm Investigation Services saved me from a total disaster I called my wife, Although I have moved on, I am just recommending this genuine services. Reach out to Sherlockstorm Investigation Services on SHERLOCKSTORM (@) YAHOOCOM, everyone in boulevard witnessed this. More...

1 August 2020

A friend of mine was in her marriage for almost 4 years. Their marriage was a happy and covetable one because I always saw them as a happy couple. From the outset, my friend was living her best life, I was happy for her. However, after few months, she started posting sad quotes about infidelity and later on deactivated all her social media accounts. I made my move to know what was going on. She confessed her struggles to me. I talked to a phone expert named Jim on google mail, I got his recommendation online about a few smart ways to catch a cheating partner. Many thanks to Jim from januscloudhack @ gmailcom for helping out with valid evidence from text messages, to photos and videos from Social Media Accounts deleted and kept from her. Jim dug it all up and in less than 2 hours, she knew who her husband really was and who he has been with discreetly without having physical access. My friend could monitor conversations and location accurately till she filed for a divorce. For New Hacks, Softwares, Hacking Tools, Call/GPS Tracking, Spoof Call, iPhone/Samsung hacking, phone cloning, Gaining Full Access To Any Mobile Device, Whatsapp, Email, iMessage, dating apps or Any Other Social Media Accounts, contact januscloudhack @ gmailcom, his services are affordable. He has surveillance experience and a good idea of all the relevant privacy laws and hacking solutions. I saw all the positive recommendations and I decided to make inquiries too and got what i needed urgently. I have no regrets giving this recommendation More...

18 July 2020

Private Investigators

Wow! Fast, expedient, and reliable. Samos Investigations provided the information that I requested in 48 hours. Thank you for your support.


Getting justice for our clients. We find out what is really going on for our clients.

Customer service is very important for every client. We separated ate ourselves from the rest.

We give the client what they want, "The Truth". Our expert investigators know what to look for during your investigation and do it thoroughly.


Our investigators conduct surveillance thereby find out the truth via photos/video and a full unbiased report. our findings can be used in a court of law to show who is telling the truth or not.