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Sage Music School is much more than a place students come for music lessons. It is a community of musicians – teachers, students, and supporters alike – who are dedicated to musical and personal growth and success.

When many students begin their lessons, they find they want more than just instruction.

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12 customer reviews

2 November 2019

Sage Music puts efforts to know my goal and makes sure I am happy with the customized lessons. I enjoy every voice lesson with Christina. Time always flew by so quickly while we were focusing on the voice and the songs. I felt great and refreshed after each class. I am really grateful that Christina Christofi is my instructor, who is very nice and has a warm personality. More...

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4 September 2019

Great music school. My seven year old daughter started taking piano lessons with Jacob and she love it. Progressive teaching method, goal oriented, affordable and flexible scheduling. I'm very happy I came across Sage.

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17 September 2018

I took violin classes at Sage. I am a beginner and was looking to get some good introduction / basics right from the start that would help me in the long run. The instructors at Sage were brilliant and helped me achieve exactly what i was looking for. Nick and Angela were amazing. They went above and beyond to make sure i was comfortable and paced the lessons at the speed i needed. I recommend Sage to everyone, beginners or for people looking to improve their skills. Thank you Nick and Angela..!!! More...

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2 July 2018

I've taken violin lessons here for a month now. In that time I've learned a lot and truly have started to play music and not just rhythmically scrape at my violin. My boyfriend and dog are overjoyed and continue to encourage me to attend lessons here. Angela has the patient of a saint and the weird lady who works the desk is pretty cool too. All in all I highly recommend Sage Music as an adult beginner. People are nice, the pricing is extremely fair for how much you learn, and the environment is friendly and inviting. More...

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14 February 2018

Jason helped me work on aspects of my technique that needed attention from years of playing badly. Such a thorough approach. I was very grateful to have such a knowledgeable teacher. Anyone who works with Jason should consider themselves very lucky. More...

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5 February 2018

When I first started considering singing lessons, I was genuinely scared. I'm not musically trained and I don't read music. But I was so happily surprised when I joined Sage. They do a great job at gauging where you are when it comes to music and really working with your strengths and helping you with weaknesses. I had both Olivia and DJ and I always looked forward to my lessons. Olivia even started showing me how to read music! I can't wait to re-enroll with Sage because they do a great job at setting up an environment you can learn in and they really take into consideration what your goals are ! More...

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14 March 2017

I've had the pleasure of working with Jason on a piano project a little while ago, and he was great start to finish.  I've attended a concert at the school and met some of the teachers, and everything I have seen about Sage is highly professional, with the truly admirable goal of helping musicians of all ages and skill levels become better and more productive.  Give Jason a call, you won't regret it!  Highly recommended! More...

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11 October 2015

I have been working with Stefanie Izzo, Sage's vocal teacher for the past few months. I usually don't do Yelp reviews, but I feel compelled to do so simply because I have loved the experience thus far and feel that this is a review past overdue. Stefanie is beyond brilliant and an excellent teacher. You don't just spend your time singing through a song and then head out the door. Rather, Stefanie goes through the mechanics/physics/science behind singing and explains specifically why a certain technique does/doesn't work and or why you are having difficulty singing a certain note etc., and then shows you various ways of working on whatever it is that you need to work on. She's constructive in her feedback and I can honestly say, as someone who had never worked up the nerve to take lessons and sing in front of others until this year, that I have never felt uncomfortable/judged when practicing with Stefanie. I'm always impressed. I would recommend taking voice lessons at Sage any day - whether it's just for fun or because you are super serious about singing. More...

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28 February 2015

Let me give you some background on me first. I've been "playing" guitar for 23 years and have gone through 4 teachers though I'm mainly self taught. Every teacher took a very dry and ground up approach to teaching and left me frustrated and ultimately bored a few weeks in. Jason from Sage music, takes a creative and bespoke approach to teaching. His methods eschew the traditional classroom ones and instead make the lessons and homework dynamic and varied which keeps me engaged and excited for the next lesson. I find myself practicing daily and seeing marked improvement for the first time in years! Pricing is very reasonable and he is very flexible wiht rescheduling around my busy calendar. The location is conveniently located next to Court Square (E,M,7) upstairs from a cafe. Can't say enough nice things about Jason and Sage Music. More...

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23 June 2014

I've always wanted to formally learn a musical instrument (specifically, the piano) but did not have the opportunity to do so until recently.  I had concerns whether I would be able to accomplish this as an adult (or whether I would find a school that was well-experienced in teaching adults, as opposed to kids).  Those concerns have been completely done away with in the six months I have taken classes at Sage Music. This school is fantastic.  The studio is located 5 minutes from the Court Square stop so its very convenient to multiple subway lines (they also have a studio in Brooklyn).  In addition, the hours are pretty flexible and the tuition very reasonable.  Jason Sagebiel (the owner), has a unique life story and runs a very tight ship, but is unfailingly courteous and professional.  It's obvious he really believes in his school and wants everyone -- including his teachers -- to succeed and have a good time. I can't say enough positive things about my teacher, Aleksandra (Alex).  She has an approachable and patient personality, and tailors her instruction style to her students' particular skill set, personality style, and goals.  She also challenges students - in a respectful way - to reach their potential, and that has been very satisfying.  In addition, she takes a genuine interest in her students' lives and that personal approach is refreshing.  It has been a real pleasure working with her -- in a word - she's marvelous.  If you are looking for musical instruction in a fun, personal, and collaborative environment, consider Sage Music.  Check them out! More...

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2 June 2014

I love Sage Music. My daughter needed music therapy to help with her mouth muscles and Sage Music did all the research needed to help her. They were courteous, affordable, respectful and always available to speak to. I highly recommend them! More...

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4 May 2013

I spent two years learning guitar on my own, and in two months of taking lessons at Sage music, I have improved enormously. These guys are technicians. They are helping me to form good habits that will enable me to play efficiently and effortlessly. Sage even helped me make modifications to my guitar. If you are serious about improving as a player, I highly recommend taking lessons here. More...

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