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You know them.

The people who radiate calm, compassion, and power. Those who can say what needs to be said, who lift others up, who stay centered regardless of the chaos raging around them. They are unstoppable, their lives work, and they make their dreams come true.

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9 May 2021

Working with Russell is a transformative experience. Through his clarity, kindness, and tenacious determination to stay the course, I was able to identify the limiting lens through which I viewed the world and made a leap into a more powerful and cohesive lens.

This perspective shift, made possible by daily practices, has allowed me to craft clear declarations to achieve work, family, and personal health goals. His calming acknowledgement of my courage and small victories provided milestones for progress and incentives to persevere.

I now pursue the life that I choose, one with an increased level of gratitude, possibility, and state of ease. I know the path that I need to walk and the heart I need to bring each day to live a powerful and beautiful life.

Russell’s strong coaching and authentic communication has changed my life and the life of my family. I am so grateful and excited for this expansive gift.

-Matt Smith, Sebastopol, CA

8 May 2021

Russell has used his great talent for getting at what stopped me or limited my performance in my career. He was indispensable in a time of heavy stress and uncertainty and coached me through it when I had no one else to turn to. I highly recommend him. New York, NY More...

7 May 2021

When I started with Russell, I was very skeptical about whether coaching was "right" for me. Two years later, our work together has transformed my life, bringing what I thought were impossible results at home, with my family, and professionally. Russell strikes a perfect balance between being supportive and pushing me out of my comfort zone; he is unquestionably the best listener I've ever met and adapts his technique and life experience in customized ways that fit my needs. The work can be hard-- there are days when I get off the phone with him feeling like I have so much more to do. But the payoff has been extraordinary and led to a richer life. I will be forever grateful for my experience with Russell. More...

6 May 2021

Working with Russell was a totally transformative experience. In our first session, he told me that coaching was in large part about reflecting back to me what he was hearing, in a way that I could see myself anew. That's exactly his genius: the ability to get someone out of the weeds and gain a new perspective. I learned so much about myself: patterns of behavior, mechanisms that held me back, and tools to overcome those mechanisms. I arrived completely stuck in a job and paralyzed about relationships; 11 months later, I had landed a promotion, embarked on a solo creative project, and delved back into dating with confidence. Russell's patience, empathy, and perseverance even with the most stubborn of clients (that would be me) make him an outstanding coach.

Bene Cipolla
New York, NY

6 May 2021

Compassionate, direct, resourceful and nonjudgmental, Russell created an environment (on the phone somehow!) where I could not run from myself if I was committed to generating a far more peaceful, powerful version of me. Working with Russell was walking hand in hand into the storm of my being, seeing what is there, acknowledging my role in the context of my fears and aspirations, and emerging, face to the sun, with a toolkit at the ready.
--Laurisa Schutt, Executive Director of First State Educate


When a client says to me "Do you remember that thing I said I could never in a million lifetimes do? Well, I did it." Coaching is about expanding a person's range. It's about people doing what they thought was impossible. It is extraordinarily satisfying when a client stands on top of a mountain they didn't think they could climb.

I didn't think I could do it. I had to prove myself wrong. More prosaically, it was time to be my own master and to be creative in ways I never had before.

I have had five years of coach training and nine of professional practice. But more importantly, I've done the work myself. It is very difficult to make a difference in another person's life--if you haven't already made that same difference in your own life. Good coaches have already traveled the road that their clients are on.

I work exclusively online or via the phone. I have clients all over the world.


Do negative thoughts, judgment, and endlessly looping resentments and petty upsets plague your life? Do you fight to be right or for status or to have your way--even when it hurts your success and your relationships? Are stopped by fears, the opinions of others, or by petty concerns that you can't escape?

I coach for Personal Mastery--the ability to blaze your own path, be your own person, to transform your family, community, or workplace, and to live life with peace, joy, and meaning.

Is your team not producing? Is the company culture toxic? Are you stuck on your way up? Do you get angry at your supervisors and your direct reports?

I coach people into their leadership. I coach for inspiration, power, authenticity, and effectiveness. If you want results, let's chat.