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Ronald Mah, LMFT

San Lorenzo, California

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17 April 2019

Ronald has been a teacher and now a colleague of mine since 2011. He's smart, personable and witty. He has taught me so much about myself and the way I practice. I really can't recommend him more highly. More...

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6 April 2019

I can remember as a kid when my parents used to fight too much they came to Ronald for marriage counseling, and it really showed how much better they got with communicating.  At the time I remember they were considering divorce, now more than 30 years later they are still happily married and Ronald's guidance kept our family together.Now, as an adult, I returned to Ronald looking for help dealing with severe clinical depression.  I tried every medication doctors could throw at me, other therapists, nothing has worked for me, except talking to Ronald.Ronald taught me personalized techniques that helped me take better care of myself, exercise, lose weight, and overall improved my mental health.  When I needed someone to listen, he listened.  When I needed advice, his advice was invaluable.  He helped guide my recovery in a way that no one else could, in a way that was personalized to address my issues and reach my goals.For anyone looking for a quick easy fix, they don't exist, there is no pill that can make positive life changes for you.  But with Ronald's guidance I was able to make hard changes in my life that have had an incredibly positive effect on both my physical and mental health.I'm now working again, exercising regularly, taking much better care of myself, and I've lost about 60 pounds.  I'm happier then I've felt in over a decade and I've gotten off all antidepressant's that only acted as a minor band-aid, Ronald gave me a cure.  This review might be a little TMI, but I can't thank Ronald enough for helping me get my life back on track.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a therapist. More...

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6 January 2018

Ronald Mah has an incredible balance with humor, analogies, insight, and stories that make what he is saying relatable.  He is very, very good at what he does.  I appreciate the way he tells it like it is.  He won't coddle you.  In the final analysis what I learned with my sessions with Ronald Mah was at times painful- but I needed to deal with the painful patterns and history in order to move forward.  From past experiences with therapy, being nice and not challenging me made me feel better at the time but did nothing to make me grow long term.  I grew long term because of my work with Ronald Mah. Also as a side note- I am a teacher.  He often presents at Early Childhood Education conferences.  I have learned so much from him about teaching at those conferences.  He has a ton of free resources on his website that I continue to utilize.  I appreciate Ronald Mah and the work he does so much. More...

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