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6409 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034, USA

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Family owned business that response amazingly fast to your needs… You deal with one person from start to finish and you give no money upfront

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4 hour response time

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I consider myself and the people business even though I am a roofer by trade… I love the before and after effect of our work… I love the fact that we power wash every home after the roof is replaced so everything looks clean and renewed

I didn't like the way myself and other employees were treated at the company I used to work for in the same industry… So I decided to hang out my own shingle and to treat people the way I want to be treated… Family owned business with three additional employees that are treated the way I would want to be treated

I think one of the main reasons a clients choose us is that from start to finish they deal with one person… There's no handoff, therefore there is total transparency and accountability in addition… We always power wash the driveways and sidewalks and deliver flowers on the day of install to make up for the mess… We are family owned business serving DFW… I'm 62 years old, married 40 years, two children and eight grandchildren… Both my son and son-in-law are in the business… Prepare to be amazed

Yes… I can do a roof inspection without ever coming in contact with the homeowner and fill out a inspection sheet for them to view That would be sent right to their email or text message picture

The biggest change that we have made is to have mask in our truck… In case we are asked to go in the house and inspect for water leaks… Maintain social distancing and reduce or illuminate physical contact like handshakes


As a general contractor we handle everything that the insurance company pays for, shingles, gutters, fence, painting interior and exterior… Never pay a contractor any money upfront… They don't need your money to do the job… If they want money upfront that's a red flag