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I empower my clients to transform their inner bully into their best friend. We do this by addressing the root of the issue and not just the symptoms. We look at what actions you are taking that are giving you your undesired results and then work backwards through your thoughts and feelings that you are taking these actions from.

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12 April 2021

I was initially quite skeptical about life coaching... It just didn't seem like something that could change my life any more than I could on my own. But I've never been more happy to be wrong than after our first session, when I had made an immense amount of progress working through some issues in my creative process. And these were issues that I'd been struggling with for years! With her candor and genuine acceptance, it's been a pleasure to work with Kelly towards becoming the best version of myself, and I have an immense amount of trust in her process (and my own) after working with her. More...

8 March 2021

Kelly is a truly inspirational person. Her drive to help people and change mindsets in a positive manner is beautiful. Kelly and I sat down on a call not even completely pertaining to me getting coaching and after talking to her for a few minutes I was certain I would gain something positive from her. RISE's mission is seriously innovative and I can't wait to see this company flourish. Thank you for your care, compassion, and time, Kelly! More...

8 March 2021

Kelly is the queen of questions. I admire her curiosity and the courage to immediately act on the gained insights. When I first met Kelly her willingness to be vulnerable impressed me. She has this ability to turn adversity into advantage. There is an air of optimism, enthusiasm and grit about her that is beautiful to be around. More...

8 March 2021

Kelly is full of life! She is very welcoming and of high spirits everyday. Her energy helped keep everyone in check by ensuring that we always spoke kind words about ourselves when we shared our story. Kelly has a way with words that spreads positive energy and guiding voice to help you determine what you need to figure out. More...

8 March 2021

Kelly was a wonderful coach, bringing positive and strong energy to the sessions each time. Kelly had a great way of encouraging people. She is a great listener who deliverd constructive guidance in a very considerate and compassionate way making people feel safe and supported. More...

8 March 2021

The Healthy Habits 2021 challenge rocked! It was exactly what I needed to get my year off on the right foot. I learned so much (! ) about how to achieve my key goals as well as about other goals and habits I didn’t even know I wanted like journaling and habit stacking. Of course I could have made new year’s resolutions on my own, but being part of a supportive group with our Fearless Leader Kelly made all the difference. Kelly’s positivity, support and encouragement are beyond compare. She’s also insightful, so she could see where people needed input and provided actionable suggestions. I can now move forward with a deeper commitment to my goals and better ways to maintain my habits, so I can be healthier all year and beyond. More...

8 March 2021

Before working with Kelly I had been feeling a little stuck in the rut for a few weeks. Feeling and operating significantly lower than my norm, and VERY lower than what I aspire for. Frustrated. Kellys authentic and nurturing nature helped me to simply re-remember. Not by "telling" me anything, but by cultivate the space to allow me to re-remember; "Oh ya, I GOT THIS"!!! And that's not trivial, that's everything! This remembrance significantly uplifted my mental, emotional and spiritual state. Going from stuck in the mud to feeling like I was on fire again passionately diving back into my creative projects, connecting with people again, and getting back to doing what I love with intention and purpose. When recommending Kelly I'd say "your fist impression will be "I can tell she *really* cares about my wellbeing'. You'll recognize immediately that you can trust her. And this trust will allow you to receive exactly what it is you need. More...

8 March 2021

Before working with Kelly I was facing a lot of depression, anxiety, frustration and fear. I knew that I wanted to make a change. Through working with Kelly, my confidence level has skyrocketed. My self esteem and self worth has risen to levels that I didn't even know were possible. She has provided me with a buffet of tools on how to get through things that I would typically ignore or pretend that they were not happening. She has shown me or given me the ability to look at things, really uncomfortable things, to look at them dead in the eye and face them. I appreciate her ability to turn any situation into a beautiful analogy because then I feel like I can see it for what it is. I was able to open up and truly become vulnerable because of continuing to show up for myself and allow her to help me in my process. What I have truly found out from my experience with Kelly is that the possibilities are endless. The sky is truly the limit. There is nothing that I can not face or accomplish. She helped me to open my eyes and begin to see things that I only imagined as dreams but then they became reality.
As a result, I am in the process of changing my career path. I no longer live in fear of having enough money or fear of not having enough or guilt around money. My relationships with others have become stronger as well as healthier. I have learned healthy ways to cope and set boundaries with others. I have learned that I choose me. Today I choose me, my health, my spiritual well being, today I choose happiness. She helped me see what is on the other side of fear.

Kelly’s humor and compassion make it simple to work with her. She gives me valuable guidance, when I ask for it. Her patience, calmness and non judgemental approach has truly helped me in ways that I can not even put into words.

8 March 2021

When I began working with Kelly 2020, I thought having a coach would be generally useful, but I never thought the results would happen as quickly and as straight-forwardly as they have. Our sessions require work but they really do the job of scraping away my limiting beliefs and teaching me effective and simple strategies to behave in a way that aligns with my goals and purpose. I had been struggling with being off-mission and was spending too many months (years!) passively hoping fate would intervene and reward me for past achievements without my continual investment. Kelly helped me to confront those sticking points and explore a side of myself I had been ignoring. I feel happier, much more disciplined, and no longer afraid that I will drift endlessly away from a self-actualized life. Thanks to Kelly, I have faith in myself again, confidence that things will work out, and the tools and habits to support my ambitions within my sphere of control. Can't recommend her enough. More...


I love witnessing my client's inherent greatness and wisdom. I feel it is a privilege to watch my clients' transformation into their highest self, for them to realize what is truly possible for them, and then have the courage to go out and get it! Those *a-ha* moments are the best! *chef's kiss*

They should choose me if they are committed to their transformation and determined to learn how to treat themselves with kindness and be radically honest with themselves.
They choose me if they need someone who is trauma informed.

Absolutely! All sessions are conducted via Zoom, FaceTime, or your preferred video conferencing portal. I am easily accessible to my clients in between sessions for spot coaching via email, voice message or text.