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At Ripple Effect, we are committed to improving your total health. We'll do more than just get you fit. You'll be more confident, more energetic, and ready to tackle everything that life throws at you.

We also strive be the least judgemental, most supportive gym in Minnesota.

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19 September 2020

RECF makes fitness accessible to anyone, while building an amazing community that makes it fun to work out (really!). Workouts are always something different and challenging - in the right way for each person, for wherever they are on their wellness journey. The coaches creatively help support you through injury recoveries and other hurdles so you don't lose momentum, and always focus on challenging your limits while emphasizing quality and form over faster/heavier/more. And, when you need an extra boost, the personal training options are terrific and a great flexible option!! More...

17 September 2020

Chris and Ripple Effect Community Fitness have created a great community. The atmosphere, the coaching, and the level of care is really high. I've been to a lot of gyms, and I haven't found anything close to what Ripple Effect has done. More...

17 September 2020

As an older athlete, I feel very welcomed and the coaches scale everything perfectly for me. It's a super positive environment and the coaches care about us as individuals.

17 September 2020

Ripple effect is a fun and supportive gym. They take ‘community fitness’ seriously. It is a place where you can come as you are and will be encouraged in your journey and where the staff genuinely cares. Some people are in amazing shape and some are not but everyone is treated like family. More...

16 September 2020

RECF is the absolute best! We love our body-positive, inclusive little gym!

16 September 2020

I joined Ripple Effect Community Fitness after my partner started there and would not stop raving about the gym, the coaches, and the community. We were members of the YMCA for a few years, but it just wasn't cutting it for us - we need more structure in our workouts and more accountability from the gym. We definitely have found what we need at RECF, though! Coach Chris and Coach Bryan, along with our fellow members, are incredibly body-positive and supportive. The on-boarding classes were a great way to start at the gym and get education/personalized training on body movements for future gym success. Over the past few months, I've slowly seen improvements in my form for things like squats and push-ups, and learned that there is so much more to being fit than the number on the scale. I'm really glad we have this community and this gym during the Covid-19 pandemic - it's what's kept me and my partner healthy and happy! More...

16 September 2020

Chris and Bryan have more than just a gym - they've built an incredible community. If you're looking for a place to celebrate the wins, get encouragement through the tough times, and commiserate after a tough workout, this is it. I appreciate their holistic approach to wellness, where it's as much about the quality of your sleep and the amount of veggies on your plate as it is the number of burpees that you can do. Most of all, I appreciate that the workouts are scaled for a variety of fitness levels so that everyone leaves feeling accomplished. More...


To start, we meet our clients where they're at. Very rarely does an "extreme makeover" situation yield lasting results. We start with workouts and habit changes that are doable and sustainable, and build from there. Everybody is different.

We believe in our clients. We believe they're capable of great things, even if they might not believe it themselves.

This is a truly loaded question! To be frank, we're fed up with the toxic parts of fitness and diet culture that promote extremely unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for people about how they're "supposed" to look. That being said, the secret to success in any fitness endeavour is consistency. You have to keep showing up! That's why having accountability from a coach who knows you and cares for you is so important.

We constantly hear our newer members say things like "I never thought I would actually like going to the gym. Now I don't know what I'd do without it." Helping our people find joy and community through fitness is something really special!

A few years ago, I saw a disturbing trend in the local fitness community. Class sizes were growing larger and larger. The training and professionalism of coaches seemed to shrink by the day. Each class seemed to be a competition to see how many different workouts could be programmed in one hour. Everything I saw seemed to scream “Quantity over quality.”

I wanted something better, for myself and for the clients I worked with. I wanted to focus on Quality. Quality coaching, movement, programming, relationships. I don’t believe More is Better. I believe that Better is Better.

I decided there must be a better way. A way to keep the community smaller, and focus on building meaningful relationships and trust with people. To stop the endless churn of losing clients all the time because we were more about MORE clients all the time. To intentionally go smaller, instead of bigger.

At Ripple Effect, we’re trying to go a mile deep instead of a mile wide. With our small group of members, our mission is to dramatically change their lives for the better. Fitness, nutrition, and relentlessly caring about our members are the tools we use for the job.

There's a million places you can find workouts. But nobody will support you, believe in you, and be there for you like we will.


Personal training is an excellent option for athletes of all levels. Our private sessions are designed just for you, with your goals, abilities, and likes/dislikes in mind. Simply put — for most people, private training is the fastest way to reach your goals! Through personal training, we’ve helped people do their first ever unassisted pull ups and push ups. We’ve helped them bounce back and recover from cancer. We’ve taught them how to listen to their body, understand their own anatomy, and trust their capabilities. Most of all, we develop strong, caring relationships that help keep our athletes moving even when it’s not easy.

Available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. We can do sessions at our facility, travel to your home or workplace, or virtually via Zoom!

No matter what your health goals are, your nutrition and lifestyle choices are the key to success! The perfect complement to any fitness program.

We focus on building better habits that will last you for life — NOT crash diets, crazy calorie cutting, or making you feel guilty.

We’ll custom-make a plan of action for you based on your goals, your food preferences, and trade-offs you’re ready to make.

It's about more than just food. We look at your sleep, stress, activity levels, and mindset to set you up for success in all aspects of life.