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HAS YOUR RELATIONSHIP GONE FLAT? DO YOU SOMETIMES STAY UP AT NIGHT WISHING YOU COULD FIND THAT CONNECTION AGAIN, SO YOUR RELATIONSHIP DOESN’T END? If that’s the case and you'd like to start turning that around NOW, then you've come to the right place - Read more ↓

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29 April 2021

Been having six really great in depth sessions with Coach Daniel so far, where we unlocked many personal limitations that has led to invaluable insights in order for me to take my life, business, and relationship to the next level. Daniel is not only a very good listener who understands you, but has the ability to dig deeper into your true needs, and give you practical advice on how to improve your well-being or whatever other improvements you’re looking for in life. More...

29 March 2021

"What Daniel does that I think is really unique is that he sets himself into who you are and what you want and how you think basically and does not try to change you in any way. He just tries to enhance the areas where you want to be enhanced in.
I would recommend Daniel highly to anyone who is looking to change their life and the direction of where they want to go but not change them self. Rather get closer to who they are and understand more about who they are. Really, it’s more about just getting closer who you are and that will be amazing in itself!"

16 March 2021

Daniel sets a high bar for the role a coach should play. He is rigorous, observant, and supportive while still challenging me to grow. He has been extremely helpful in helping me reach insight and gain new levels of confidence and self-awareness. I am sure the impacts of his coaching of my life will continue to unfold for a long time. More...

16 March 2021

"Daniel really made me feel understood in our sessions..."
He was really good at figuring out what the challenges were, and in other cases helped me find strengths within myself. This approach has helped me to take more action, overcome limitations and move closer to my goals.
He’s a very empowering and energetic coach. What I like the most is that he is a genuine, authentic coach who walks the talk.

16 March 2021

"I feel so much more confident..."
I think Daniel is an excellent coach. He is so caring and empathic and works with you in a really gentle way so you feel supported. He is very knowledgeable, insightful and I trust him completely.
Without Daniel I would never have been able to launch my business and have the confidence to do what I really love. I would highly recommend Daniel as a Coach.

16 March 2021

Daniel opened up new angles to tackle my struggles and gave new insights on how to solve them. He asked the right questions to help me dig deep inside myself to find the right answers. Highly recommended!

16 March 2021

Hello, my name is Sawsan Skeif I am a fashion designer and a mother of 3 boys. I faced some challenges in my professional and personal life and Daniel Palm helped me a lot with his coaching sessions. He helped me to see the light, to be more kind with myself and to see that I have achieved a lot, things that I couldn’t see before.
I was a perfectionist and anxious, overwhelmed with my huge to do list, but Daniel guided me on how to shrink my to do list by doing the most important things, "it’s not about quantity it’s about quality".
I highly recommend Daniel Palm as a life coach, he has a beautiful soul and he is very pure I feel he is a coach by nature, because he is a kind person...

16 March 2021

Have had really good help from Daniel in framing my thoughts and goals to make them more clear and actionable. Can recommend!

10 February 2021

"I found Daniel’s coaching to be very effective..."
I felt like he understood where I was coming from, and his ability to listen gave him the clarity needed to find the coaching techniques that were most suitable for me. This produced results in both my personal and my business life. More...


• I love helping people eliminate roadblocks and the obstacles that are keeping them from having what they truly want and thus experience a life of greater freedom. It is just amazing to see how people transform their lives when they are no longer held back by artificial limitations.

• I am passionate about supporting & guiding people to experience more love & passion in their lives by making a deep impact in their lives, so they in turn touch others. By always going to the source of the problem it is beautiful to see the lasting change in people.

• I speak the unspoken by unwrapping the thoughts people have in their heads of doubt, shame, fear etc. and say what other people in their lives won't. It is first by being completely honest about where you really are at that you can take your life to the next level. This also creates so much relief in people and often many fun moments when they realise that things never are as bad as you think.

In short is was my own lives struggles, having spent way too many years living a life that was not what I was meant for I finally made the decision to end my suffering once and for all. And now I am on a mission to help other people take charge of their lives and create what they deserve.

There were two distinct periods of my old life that shaped this massive decision.
Firstly, growing up and throughout most of my early adult life I struggled with lack of confidence, feeling completely lost and especially around the area of my life that meant them most to me which was relationships. Specifically finding a girlfriend was my dream but the old narrative was that I couldn’t because of all these bullshit stories of a lesser identity of shame and embarrassment, adding to that I did not understanding love & attraction at all. I was at the point of being so desperate of not being able to meet a woman out for a date I basically settled for a future of being friends with them instead. But this all made my pain and suffering even worse, what I was doing did not work at all and the advice I got from my friends and other girls did not work either.
So, I was at my wits end but that all changed when I found a coach, a real relationship expert. He taught me all about women and dating, things like that I must own myself first and take 100% responsibility for my experience of life. That I must live my calling and purpose in life for myself first, so that I become the man I need to be in order to effortlessly attract the woman of my dreams into my already amazing life instead of chasing after girls who weren’t interested in me struggling with insecurities, neediness and being completely uncomfortable around girls and never even daring to ask for a girls number.
Shifting that into always working on improving myself and focusing on what I can give in a relationship instead of what I can get has blessed me with the greatest gift of my life, the woman of my dreams that I love deeply and am proud to have as my lives partner today.
For me this was really a journey of becoming more of my authentic self, not changing who I was but bringing up the best parts of me. Specifically, the parts of me that I needed to share to experience that level of love and passion that most people only dream of.

The second time coaching came into my life was when I was really struggling with my internal world. After hitting rock bottom mentally, emotionally, and physically with depression, stress and overwhelm I found another coach, who was the master of my original coach. From him I learned that my emotions was actually guiding me, each and every one of the “negative” emotions were really action signals for me that what I was doing was not working at. And that I needed to change my approach, change my perception, and change my state. More than anything the biggest breakthrough for me was when I learned that we go to our emotions and that we are 100% in charge of that and that I could change my state at will from a lousy state like overwhelm, frustration or stress to a true feeling of freedom, love, cheerfulness or gratitude in a matter of moments. This was one of the most important turning points in my entire life, taking back my authority of my own life and taking the reins back to steer the direction of my life where I ultimately want it to go no living a life in reaction.

There are so many other stories of my hardships and struggles that I could share with you but in essence I just want you to know that I am just like you and that the reason I care so much is because I know what it is like to feel completely hopeless, out of your mind with sadness, stress or worry, looking yourself in the mirror and hating the person who is looking back at you, settling for a life that was safe and comfortable but never feeling truly alive, never feeling good enough and believing that I did not deserve love, to the point of by chance not succeeding in ending my own life and now being here with you determined to end the suffering for everyone I can. I am sharing with you that I know life is bloody hard and can be filled with immense amounts of pain, but I have an absolute conviction that there is always a way out of that on a road that leads you to where you desire and truthfully deserve to be.
My life is dedicated to serving those who are not willing to settle for anything less than what they can be, do, share, give and create. To bring back more love, joy, fulfilment and passion to people and lead them to what they want, and this is what I enjoy doing every day in my coaching business.

• I care deeply and people know it as I always go the extra mile.
• I am authentic and will not bullshit you, I will say what needs to be said!
• I am super curious and enthusiastic about really getting to know people and hear about their unique stories, struggles and dreams.

• I coach and teach only what works, using proven methods and strategies. As well as always going deep to the underlying source of the problem you will .
• I love leading by example and walking my talk every single day, I will never ask you to go to a place I have not been.
• I have never-ending hunger & drive to be better and become more, growing and expanding my abilities to be able to contribute even more to my clients and the world.

Yes! The coaching is done through regular phone calls or online services like WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Telegram etc.


* Couples coaching (Improved communication, rekindle intimacy & passion, conflict resolution & rebuilding trust etc.)
* Individual work with one partner (Sometimes this is all what is needed to transform the relationship)
* Dating coaching (Find & attract your dream partner from scratch)