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Brooklyn, NY

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RedLeather Studios offers a variety of photography-related services, including location portraiture, boudoir, modeling, weddings and events. Check out our galleries and Instagram and contact us to discuss your photographic needs.

Where photography is a passion.

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At RedLeather Studios we believe the secret for a great portrait photography is passion! Passion for connecting with people and making them comfortable during our photographic sessions, which makes the project fun and intimate.

The very first question is "what is your goal?"

We thrive to fully understand our client's needs so we can, together, make their vision a reality!

At RedLeather Studios we love the creativity challenges associated with our projects! We love coming up with creative ideas and turning them into reality!

As an artist, we are always looking for new ways to collaborate, create and inspire! RedLeather Studios was created for this purpose!

We are passionate about photography and connecting with people! That alone is a great reason to choose us!