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There are 100's of 1,000's of coaches/counselors to choose from, many better than me. That being stated, I do possess wisdom that is from above and power to move the unmovable, to shake the unshakable, and to heal the unhealable. I have placed 100s of professionals into life-changing career opportunities in most every sector.

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6 customer reviews

5 August 2021

Bud McClure is one of a kind! He has excellent communication skills and a one of a kind attitude. Always uplifting, motivating, and inspiring. All critical traits when helping someone navigate the woods to finding there next job! More...

4 August 2021

Bud was an absolute gem to partner with on my career journey! He took the time to truly get to know me and what I was looking to do long-term, and gave me expert advice on how to prepare and tailor my experiences and resume to land my dream role. His professionalism, personality and genuine aptitude makes him truly one of a kind in the industry. I would recommend Bud 1000% to level up in your career move to give you that competitive edge to succeed. More...

2 August 2021

Bud McClure is amazing! From excellent communication skills to a positive uplighting attitude, Bud possesses it all. He's a true professional with a will to succeed that is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Bud is truly in a league of his own! More...

2 August 2021

I personally had an outstanding experience with Bud McClure! I highly recommend Bud to anyone who is interested in advancing their professional career. Bud is a real down to earth person who truly puts the needs of others before his very own. I am forever thankful for all the help and guidance Bud displayed to me. A true problem solver! More...

2 August 2021

I have known many people in the profession of counseling and life coaching-- I have also, unfortunately, had failed experiences and encounters with most. There is most definitely different energy let alone outcome with Bud at Rain Reps. After every conversation, I am energized, hopeful, and confident about a change. I feel internally and externally more clear and self-aware. I highly recommend Bud at Rain Reps if you are looking for actual evidence of positive change and growth in your journey. I was tired of counselors telling me that they're there for me through it and lack consistency in their promise or teaching. I can finally say, I don't feel that sense of insecurity from a counselor. Bud is consistent in his word and he's been there for me every step of the way on my road back to health, my rebirth. He has helped me control my fears in concrete, creative, and practical ways. His ability to listen to what I say and hear what I don’t say has helped me cut through the surface and get to the real issues. Knowing Bud is always available to share successes, give support, or work out a problem has given me the courage and determination to make the changes I wanted. That is the key to my success; Bud's work is client-centered and goal-oriented. More...

2 August 2021

Bud is the MAN! Always available on Linkedin, text, or call. Bud will help you find the right opportunity for you. He is transparent and honest I could not have asked for a better advocate for myself or for the position. He made the tough conversations and decisions EASY! More...


I LOVE to see clients get what they want and need. And I love to be a part of this sacred beautiful process.

The opportunity to give back that which I've been given, pressed together, running over and multiplied by the power of God.

Authentic impactful answers in real-time, created and executed by LOVE. If you hire me, you will receive the data, answers and breakthroughs.

Yes. We can talk on the phone, or we can also arrange a webcam meeting.

All precautions are taken to meet and EXCEED Covid-19 protocol(s). We follow the science.