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El Cerrito, CA

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Address: 6700 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA

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16 December 2020

Amazing response rate! 90% of the time, other towing services do not respond while being put on hold. But R & R Towing has always gone above and beyond my expectations for any towing business. I would recommend this small business if your vehicle is in need of a tow truck or any roadside Assistance!!!  Thank you once again!Best rates for:- jump start- lockout- GASOLINE @ the Gas station on 6700 Fairmount Ave., El Cerrito, CA, 94530 More...

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3 December 2020

Ravi, my man, came in, diagnosed my car issue and sent me on my way without having to pay $$$$ at a maintenance shop. Thanks bro!

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19 November 2020

This place used to be reputable. It started going downhill about a year before the pandemic, but now it is hit or miss when it comes to repairs. I've been going there for over 20 years and they still jip me on repairs.About a year ago they did a water hose diagnostic that ended up causing my engine to be blown and they refused to take responsibility. Now today they performed a tire repair on a tire that had a side wall rupture that was illegal and caused me to have to purchase a new tire; thereby wasting the tire repair expense.Rj used to be cool, but now he is shady as hell. He will take your money and play dumb when you call him on his illegitimate repair.Btw, the owner Ravi, is the worst part of the puzzle. He corrupted Rj, who used to be cool. "Shit rolls downhill"Welcome to COVID 19 era! More...

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26 October 2020

The owner Ravi was very friendly and willing to accommodate to my difficult circumstances with my car being up a very narrow driveway! He was able to jumpstart my Prius a bit and drive it on neutral down the driveway and tow the car! It was amazing to see it happened and he was happy to do it :D ! I would definitely recommend this towing service to anyone! Owner is great and if he can get my Prius out of that tricky driveway, I'm sure he'll be able to help your car in a tricky spot :D More...

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20 October 2020

Wonderful service! Came in for a smog check and an oil change. Prices were very reasonable and the shop was punctual. Highly recommend!

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26 September 2020

GO HERE. Simple as that. I only got my brake pads changed before a long road trip but the shenanigans I went through at other places was not what I encountered here with RJ. Swapped my pads for a reasonable price. I had a shock going bad that I could hear and he helped me diagnose but didn't push to get it taken care of right then because, frankly, I didn't need to. There is a VERY nearby auto service spot that is easy to confuse this one with. They quoted me more than 4x the price I paid at R&R. Avoid them and hit up R&R More...

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24 September 2020

Called in to get a quote and they beat everyone's pricing. Wanted to get front and ear brakes when he recommended only the front be changed even though I had the parts. That's what I call amazing service didn't want to make more money but provide the best of service . I will return to have more work done on my vehicles . Great job! More...

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23 September 2020

RJ and his team went above and beyond for me on a Saturday afternoon, starting with Ravi towing my car. He was on time, helpful, and very friendly. The professionalism, workmanship, and follow up were 5-star. I would definitely recommend R&R to anyone. More...

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30 August 2020

Ravi came to tow my car. I requested this service through a third party (my car's roadside service). He had some other calls before me so he arrived at the stated ETA. He called and texted to update during the 75 min I waited. Upon arrival he was polite and friendly, easy to communicate with, and worked fast. More...

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12 August 2020

This guy in is a straight scam artist no Luv. Imma see your business you scam artist Peice of I got you bro that $45 Gonna cost you $45,000 and more on god and if you think it's a game I'mThinking about dipping you let's play you never want to see me but you gonna soon time to close up shop

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2 July 2020

They are working hard and they are HONEST!! It is  a lot when you have no idea what is wrong with your car. Try them and see what I mean. Thank you for your service R&R :) More...

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26 June 2020

My car broke down on the highway and I panicked because it was peak traffic time. I made it to the right shoulder but there wasn't much room still. The insurance was having a hard time finding a tow truck because my car was too low and exotic. Finally they found this company and they even showed up within 20 minutes! The driver Harry was real professional knew what he was doing. He managed to load the car without any scrape and had the right equipment tow tie it down. Truck was very clean excellent service even gave me a ride to my mechanic 60 miles away. Thank you R&R!!! More...

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19 March 2020

My daughter's car had to be towed from Oakland, off of eastbound 580, to Vallejo. The hood unlatched and smashed the front windshield. I didn't need her to drive it to my mechanic. I called one day to inquire what their availability was. Just call when you're ready and we can be there in an hour. So today, I called and explained I was ready to have the car towed. Was given an time estimate that it would be 35-40 minutes. I leave my home in Richmond, arrive where the vehicle was and within 3 minutes the tow truck driver arrives. This was within a span of 15 minutes! The driver was very cordial, I explained what had happened with the hood; the driver attached something so that it wouldn't open during transit. He arrived at the drop off spot, charged me, and we were set They were the best price, customer service was excellent and arrived before the time quoted. Will definitely call them again! More...

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6 March 2020

On a Friday afternoon, my SUV new battery was not working. It was hard to find a towing truck at that hour. Geico recommended R& R. They did good job in towing and repair. Saved us form stressing out. Very impressed with their service. More...

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27 February 2020

If I could give this place 0 stars I would . The manager who works the inside is a joke. He's such a smart ass and it very unprofessional the way he conducts business. Make a long story short, he did a brake Job for me twice ! A few months apart . I bought the brakes and rotors from Auto zone, where i purchased new parts. I brought him the parts they put them on my car and everything was fine and the squeaking sounds was gone. Well guess what The sound comes back and it's actually grinding again. So i call him up and say you know i just purchased brand new parts and brought them to you, and my car is still quelling and grinding at the brakes, and he said well your looking at new brakes and rotors again, you probably bought cheap part .. If i was in person, I would have slapped the shit outta him. Now i spent over $500 getting these brakes and allowing them to put them on. My car is fairly new 2017 Kia Forte. I'm not even sure if he used the part I brought to him because my brakes should not be failing 90 days later ... horrible place !!! Go somewhere else where you will be respected and will have a great job done. More...

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5 February 2020

I would give them a zero if that was an option. They admitted they were going to get the parts from the junk yard however they were still charging like it's a new part. Then they gave me three different prices to repair the car until I told them I would rather them tow it back to me so that I can have someone look at the car that will be honest about what's wrong with it. Once again my husband asked are you sure you going to charge $850.00 he said well it would be close to $950.00 dollars. Long story short if you want an honest repair shop that's not making up issues with the car you should probably not choose this shop. More...

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19 January 2020

My car had a flat and I was stuck at work, unable to leave. Ravi came and handled the tow for me. He arrived with a smile and a pleasant demeanor. He took extra care to inflate the tire before taking it off the tow truck to preserve the rim. He also sent me pics of the inflated tire and the car with the shop in the background so I would know it made it safely since I couldn't be there. I would definitely use Ravi's service again and would recommend him. More...

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