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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Tired of running into plateaus and not knowing how to get over them? Pure Movement Fitness can get you over any Plateau. By taking into consideration your unique lifestyle, and applying the correct exercise technique I can quickly get you to your goal.

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23 August 2020

I went to Pure Movement with elbow and shoulder pain. I tried several chiropractors with no help. One visit with Devin I am pain free and continue to be. The new letters are very helpful to keep me on track with my health and well being. More...

21 August 2020

Devin does a great job with every aspect of training. From strength, to flexibility, to pain relief, he hits a home run in every department. Very knowledgeable and up on the latest trends and ideas. Super friendly and gracious. I highly recommend him! More...


I help my clients achieve their fitness goals by looking at there current life and building a program specifically for them to get you results or your money back. 

You need to understand how you body has adapted to your current life and write a program specifically for for that. 

I love to give people hope again. Hope that they can achive there goals and see results. 

I see a lot wrong with the fitness industry. I want to be part of the chang, to bring good information to the consumer and to weed out the bad information. I didnt feel like I could do that working in a big box gym or working for someone else. 

It can be scary to try to chase after your fitness goals. Do I have what it takes, can I do what is asked of me, and will I be able to connect with my personal trainer? These are all supper important questions to ask yourself and I will help you through finding all the answers and get you to your fitness goals. 


Have access to a gym but I have no idea what to do? Let me write all your exercise prescription to maximize your results quickly and efficiently. Have all your exercise prescription planned out for a month, all written out and accessible on your phone.