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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Best of the Best on Bark and bottom line, we're here to make you money and improve the world's perception of your brand, product or service. We have produced design work for such companies as IBM, HP, Sony, Pacific Bell, CDWG, Enterprise Rent A Car and XO Communications as well as the smallest visionary startups.

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20 hires on Bark
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6 customer reviews

20 February 2021

Logo Design

Great working with them, answered all questions I had, quick to respond, great ideas. Best of all great designing . Would recommend them to anyone.

11 November 2019

Web Design

David completely understands our needs and his proposal is reflective of that.

10 October 2019

We were so happy with the final results of David’s work. He was very patient and professional with every step of the way. He’s good at what he does and very dedicated. Worked on the weekend to get the job done. Seriously coming back to him and recommend him as well. More...

21 December 2017

Graphic Design

Profession yet still friendly and extremely easy to get in contact with.

13 December 2017

In the past 10 years, I've gone through 5 graphic artists, our expectation is high. We've been working with Pure Fusion Media for the past 3. 5 years, and give him a 10, on a scale of 1 to 10. On a daily (literally) basis we get compliments from our big box retailers (Whole Foods, Kroger, etc) on the quality of PFM work.

In conclusion, PFM is not only better, they are faster... and that's a great combination in their line of work!


13 December 2017

David is one of the most proficient and creative individuals I have ever met. His style and professionalism is second to none. I have worked with Pure Fusion Media on at least 100 projects and I have yet to have an issue with a single piece of work, or customer service issue. The best! More...


Websites must be more than informational... they must be inspirational. People today are looking to be inspired, they are looking for the STORY of the company, not just a regurgitation of their products and services. A website must be visually stunning, easy to navigate, mobile responsive and contain powerful FLOWS. FLOWS are the direction you want your visitor to travel while engaging your website. Most projects we develop have 3-5 different flows, and we can track that flow through analytics to ensure that the visitor is moving along the chosen site path.

We have a 30 question questionnaire called the NEEDS BASED ANALYSIS system or NBA. This helps us pinpoint PRECISELY the vision, culture, mission and philosophy of the company. Questions include:
What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to your customers that makes you different in the industry?
Where are your customers investing their time and money outside of your services?
Give us three adjectives to describe the experience your customer should have with your brand, site, packaging, etc.
What is the most effective way to communicate with you during this project.

All projects begin with an interview where we will either go through the NBA, or our Interactive LOGO BRIEF, or both. This help us to define the visual and philosophical parameters of the design and marketing work. We TELL STORIES with our branding and design work, and we need to understand their culture and environment at the highest level. From there, we begin the process of creating THREE unique concepts, which are presented in full color, and usually shown across broad applications. From there we have a five revision process, until we deliver the final product.

Everything is detailed through the NBA and the Interactive Logo Brief. From there, I need any brand assets, any written thoughts from the client, and any text copy that needs to be provided.

That I can create the VISION that a client cannot achieve on their own. I have clients start crying when I brand or rebrand their business. They are seeing what they have always dreamed, but could not visualize themselves.

I love the freedom of working on my own and helping others grow. I also work between 20 and 50 projects at a time, before I begin to work with the rest of my team. I also have developed an incredible team that fills in the gaps where I am not 100% an expert.

We are the best of the best, bottom line. Personally, I am BUSINESS STRATEGIST, not merely a designer. I help my clients GROW into their five year visions faster than they ever could without me. I sell out products in stores. I can write exceptional copy (I have published 5 books, and you can download my latest book here: https://books.noisetrade.com/davidwlitwin/the-right-move ) And I am one of the most professional business experts you will ever deal with. On Upwork alone I have over 110 5 star reviews (my lowest score ever was a 4.6, and that was a repeat client with a customer that just wasn't wanting anything very creative) out of 113. That takes considerable work and strategic action, because you are dealing with such a broad swathe of individuals and personalities.


Everything to do with the brand development: from logo design, to stationery development, to brand books, to marketing material

From the most robust technology to the funnest Consumer Package Goods, to everything in between, trust Pure Fusion Media to create spectacular packaging work for you.

With over 20 years of environmental design solutions for some of the top Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Pacific Bell, Sun Microsystems, CDWG and countless more.

The best in optimized, mobile responsive design across multiple CMS platforms. We design sites that get sales, generate interest and get you noticed.