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Kansas City, Missouri, Platte

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I am a digital marketing specialist generating content to increase awareness of service and products.

The company I founded, Publius Strategies, a digital marketing agency located in the heart of Kansas City. Our everyday focus is on our clients, what they need, and what will bring them more value.

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I love being able to wake up every day, meet new people and create new relationships by providing value to as many people as I can.

I was inspired to start my own business because of my experience with e-commerce and selling products using Facebook. I thought if I could do this for myself, why not do it for others?

Clients should choose us because we're not just a business partner, we're someone that loves building relationships and providing value for years to come. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, we believe meeting new clients can turn into innovative projects in the future.


We provide social media marketing which is an all-in-one service of advertising on all social media platforms. We take your pain points and eliminate them. We can increase brand awareness, get you direct sales, and gain leads from one or all social media platforms.

We provide social media management so you don't have to worry about constantly creating and posting content. We'd rather you focus on your business rather than working in it. With this service, we can provide:

- Creating content
- Consistently posting every day for maximum exposure
- Organic growth using social platform's algorithm
- Brand Awareness
- Page growth