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Southern California is famous for having some of the best weather on the planet. But the climate can present some unique challenges for your lawn, plants, flowers, trees and bushes.
That’s where Proscape Maintenance & Irrigation comes in.

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It takes a keen eye to transform a plot of land into a rolling and eye-catching landscape filled with rich hues of greens, reds, oranges, and more. Our team has years of experience in creating attractive and appealing landscapes for homes and businesses to increase property values and wow guests. In addition to their beauty, our West Los Angeles and Huntington Beach landscape designs are planned and created with resilience in mind to withstand the beating Southern California sun and limited rainfall.

With water conservation and drought in mind, we select grasses, shrubbery, and trees that survive in our hot and dry climate so that you don’t need to constantly worry about watering your lawn multiple times a day; in some cases, you may not need to water your lawn every day.

Through easily to follow guides, or studying your soil alongside you, we can help you determine the right watering amounts and schedules so that your newly designed and developed Los Angeles landscape thrives without making your water bill skyrocket. Our designs focus on water conservation so that your soil retains moisture and can deliver the necessary nutrients to the roots and seeds of your grass, shrubs, and trees to promote full, lush, and healthy growth.

There’s a big difference between having a yard, a lawn, and a landscape. Many Los Angeles homes have yards filled with dead, yellowed grass; others are filled with weeds and invasive plants, detracting from their appeal and their overall value. Many homes and businesses have overgrown pathways, cracked and deteriorating steps, and failing masonry after years of neglect. Proscape offers landscape design and development in West Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Venice, El Segundo, and Huntington Beach to re-imagine, rejuvenate, and transform properties into beautiful landscapes filled with lush, green grass, eye-catching shrubs, and shade-providing trees. We help turn your lawn into an eye-catching landscape fit for magazine covers.

Landscape Design in Los Angeles
Southern California’s climate is dry, sunny, and gets limited rainfall throughout the year; we’ve all been through a drought at least once. As a result of this, many home lawns and landscapes do not get the water they need to survive, let alone flourish, and become stiff, brittle, yellow-brown plots of land left uninspired. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Proscape has a dedicated team of landscape designers in West LA who understand that lawns and landscapes meet at the intersection of art and functionality. We focus on drought-friendly grasses and plants so that even when the water is scarce, your landscape won’t die on you and cost you more money to start over.

Our landscape architects also keep water conservation and the environment in mind when designing your property; through years of experience, we know how to create a beautiful landscape that will minimize your water use thereby saving you money on your water bill for years to come.

From your consultation, our designers take your ideas and budget into close consideration to deliver a landscape you will enjoy without any unpleasant surprises down the line. We source the highest quality seeds and materials from trusted vendors to ensure the longevity of your landscapes and satisfaction. Additionally, our landscape designers understand how to design and map our sprinkler systems in West Los Angeles to maximize coverage per sprinkler head, reduce water consumption, and promote healthy plant life growth.

Hardscapes are often overlooked, or taken for granted, by many home and business owners. After all, a driveway is just a driveway; stairs are just stairs. Right? If you haven’t seen what professionally designed hardscapes in Santa Monica and West LA can look like when properly installed, you’re missing out on an integral component to Los Angeles landscapes.

Our hardscape designers and developers at Proscape have years of industry experience creating breathtaking pathways of brick, stone, and more to walk you through your green-filled landscapes. A simple path from your driveway to your door, when designed by one of our hardscape architects, changes the way your home looks and feels instantly. New and/or newly remodeled walkways, pathways, and driveways are also an easy and effective way to add curb appeal and value to your home, or business. But hardscapes aren’t all steps and stones.

Have you been thinking of adding a patio to your yard? Not only do patios add a new place to sit and relax, they immensely increase your property value. Maybe you’ve been considering adding a fire pit to sit by on cool evenings, drink in hand as you unwind after a long day. Proscape designers work with you to develop the perfect patio or fire pit for your home and budget and our installers work tirelessly to create your vision effectively and efficiently. We use the highest quality materials, such as brick and stones, for every project we undertake to guarantee that they will stand the test of time and not crumble, or deteriorate. If you’re considering adding a patio or fire pit to your home, contact us to learn more about our many options for materials and finishes to complement your home, or business.

Just because a landscape looks good in the daylight, doesn’t mean it will look as stunning in the evening and throughout the night. You deserve to present your gorgeous landscape at all hours of the day and night to any who might walk by and to enjoy it for yourself. That’s where Proscape landscape lighting in Los Angeles comes in. We prove landscape lighting to homes and businesses across West LA, including Santa Monica, Venice, El Segundo, and Huntington Beach so accentuate the curves, colors, and styles neighbors envy and customers admire.

Our landscape lighting designers plot out each point to throw light on important features and cast shadows to heighten the contrast and beauty. We work with you to deliver the lighting you want for your home, or business and keep you informed every step of the way, from planning through installation.

At Proscape, our landscape lighting installation team has years of skill and knowledge to meet every regulatory standard and remain compliant with state codes. Installation is easy, efficient, and in no time your home or business will be illuminated through the evening and ready to be the feature of stunning photos. Once the job is done, our installation team professionally cleans every inch of the project space to make things easy for you. What better way to add visual appeal and value to your home than with the simple act of landscape lighting?
Today, many products fail after a short amount of time and companies take shortcuts to get through projects faster, leaving you with shoddy quality lighting. At Proscape, we focus on quality materials and installation to guarantee longevity and that you will be satisfied for years to come. There’s no greater feeling than returning and seeing your home illuminated in warm light. Picture yourself stepping out into your yard to see your plants and shrubs lit up for a sophisticated and cozy scene. Sit for hours and relax in the evenings; enjoy the show of light and shadow playing off of each other for hours while you have a cool drink, or a warm cup of tea.

Caring for a lawn and landscape can take extensive time and energy, dragging you away from your work, clients, customers, family, and downtime as you seed and reseed, fertilize, cut, trim, and pace to and fro watering your lawn with sprinklers, or a hose.

With our Los Angeles lawn maintenance packages, you can leave the work and worry to us while you focus on yourself, your deadlines, and your loved ones. There’s no need to work up a sweat to achieve a beautiful lawn filled with healthy flowers and strong trees — we’ve got you covered.

Put away the push mower and save yourself money, as well as air quality, gas, and time, and leave your ride-on mower in storage; leave the cutting and mowing to our team of experts. If you need a landscaper in Santa Monica, West LA, El Segundo, and/or Venice, call us to deliver unbeatable service, satisfaction, and professionalism. Choose from simple lawn mowings to more comprehensive service packages to suit your needs, your property, and your budget. No more worrying about overgrown grass, or leaves across your lawn – just a clean, neat, and tidy landscape.

With our team handling your Los Angeles landscape maintenance, you will enjoy a lush lawn devoid of weeds, crafted and cultivated shrubs and plants, and a landscape sure to catch the eye of other home and business owners.

We provide:
Blowing Hardscapes
Pressure Washing
Weekly Mowing
Weekly Hardscape Blowing
Weekly Trash & Debris Removal
Weekly Sprinkler System Monitoring
Bi-Weekly Edging
Bi-Weekly Pruning
Weed Control
Three-Season Lawn Fertilization

Without the right sprinkler system design in West LA, your lawn is going to suffer from yellow and brown spots of dead grass – that is assuming the whole lawn doesn’t look like someone dumped a hay bushel all over it. Watering by hose is ineffective on any property over a few square feet as it washes away the topsoil, drown certain parts, barely hydrates others, wastes your time and energy, and uses egregious amounts of water, which means your bills are going to be astronomical.

You need an efficient sprinkler design that is installed by experts to ensure that your lawn boasts vibrant greens and your plants blossom with rich, warm, colorful hues. You also need it to be economically and environmentally friendly so that you don’t just automate the overwatering process; with the right LA sprinkler design, you’ll save countless dollars. Your grass seeds will get the water and nutrients they need and you won’t need to constantly spend on seedings, fertilizing, or purchasing sod (only to see it all dry out and dry anyway).

Over time, sprinkler systems may experience leaks and performance issues, meaning that your lawn and plants will suffer as they don’t receive the water they need to grow; you may also see higher water bills as excess waste water disperses through the soil underground, or evaporates after sitting in pools due to the malfunctioning sprinkler head. In order to keep your lawn looking beautiful so your neighbors are envious and keeping your water bill at a reasonable level and not bankrupting you, you may need sprinkler repair in Los Angeles. That’s why you need our expert team at Proscape to come by, assess the situation, and complete repairs fast and effectively.
If your sprinkler isn’t watering your lawn with the proper pressure, you may have a blockage and/or leak in the line starting at your water main and ending at the sprinkler head. You’ll need a Los Angeles sprinkler repair team to come and investigate your system for you.

If your lawn is a bit smaller and you don’t want to invest in a robust and comprehensive sprinkler irrigation system in Los Angeles, or if you have a garden, or garden boxes around your home, business, or residence complex, a West Los Angeles drip irrigation system may be the solution for your needs. With a well-built and efficient drip irrigation system in LA, you can significantly reduce your water use and waste as you ensure that your lawn and/or flower boxes receive the hydration they need to flourish.

The dry and hot Southern California climate can create a lot of dust, debris, and pollen that is whisked around by the wind and drives itself against your home. Over the course of mere weeks, this builds up in layers and makes the exterior of your home look dirty, detracting from its visual appeal, beauty, investment value, and structural stability. If you want your home to look brand new again like that modern house being developed around the block from you, all it takes is a quick call to our experts at Proscape to set up your pressure washing appointment.
Our team at Proscape has been servicing homes with pressure washing in Santa Monica, Venice, El Segundo, and Huntington Beach for years to instantly rejuvenate their exteriors to improve visual appeal and increase value. It’s easy to not notice debris building up on your home’s exterior, it (usually) doesn’t happen overnight; day after day you come and go, looking on your home as you always do. But one day, you notice that it doesn’t quite look the way it used to. Maybe you notice some structural deterioration due to dust and sand exposure. The good news is it’s all reversible when you choose to contact Proscape for all of your West LA pressure washing needs.

The truth is, West LA driveways need pressure washing. Even if your home is new, it’s likely that you already have a layer of dust, dirt, pollen, and inorganic material caked and baked onto it. Oil and other fluids from cars drip and stain driveways. In some cases, if you catch these materials and stains early enough, you can wash them with soap and hot water, but do you really want to spend your free time mopping your driveway in the Southern California heat?

Decks and patios can quickly become caked with dust, dirt, and other kinds of debris, giving them the appearance of being unclean, or unkempt – in other words, it doesn’t look like the relaxation spot for you and your guests it once did. After a certain point, no amount of sweeping, or mopping with soap and hot water, will effectively remove all of the grime that has accumulated. When that point of no return hits, you need to look to pressure washing.
Pressure washing quickly and easily reverses weeks, months, or even years of neglect to decks and patios. Our Proscape professionals handle all of the dirty work, giving you time to focus on other issues such as work deadlines, family matters, or just a bit of relaxation to unwind.