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4 October 2019

Eric was everything a bride and coordinator could ask for.
He’s fluent in English and Tagalog.

My cousin hired Eric for her wedding in West Texas.

Eric is a priceless, pleasant, and goal oriented photographer. He was a source of reassurance and his work speaks for itself. You should hire him.

I would describe the photo style as truly romantic. You get the best of both worlds of the clarity that an airy style would give, but you don’t lose the depth and richness that a moody style provides.

One issue we’ve had with most photographers is that it’s difficult to get the coloring right. My cousin is fair skinned and her husband has deep tan skin. Some photographers in the area struggle with this either through their camera settings or with their editing style.

This wasn’t a problem at all for my cousin and her now husband. Both of them look equally as magical. There weren’t any details lost on their faces. Neither of them had to sacrifice. They looked like their beautiful selves. They never looked hyper-real or over-edited.

Most importantly, Eric, honestly, has the photography eye. He took places and spaces that weren’t easy to photograph and made them beautiful.

Eric was fantastic with the schedule. He has great management skills for time and large groups. It never felt like he was bossy or commanding. He was just direct and enthusiastic. He has great energy.

I think it’s important to stress this because there were a lot of little things that weren’t going perfectly that day.

An example of this is the hair and make-up team was running behind since only 3/4 showed up. The bride had planned for getting ready pictures with the bridesmaids and her family. We thought we wouldn’t be able to do the bridesmaids getting ready pictures because there were so many of us and we wanted her to have time to take the pictures with her family. We communicated this with him. He very calmly reassured the bride and had a game plan. It took less than 5 minutes for us to get several styles of shots with a group of eleven girls. They came out great.

It never took long for him to figure out where the entire bridal party should go and how they should pose. He made everyone feel comfortable from the family members to the groomsmen and bridesmaids. He has kids of his own, so he knew how to work with the little ones, too.

The bride and groom also had some poses they wanted to try and he was very accommodating.

He was always working, but always blended in with the surroundings. He’s super tall, but it never felt like he was forcing his way anywhere. When he arrived on location, he did a small walk through and got started immediately.

Eric is priceless. He is quite literally the happy medium.

He was so pleasant to be around especially someone who had a long work day and flew in for this occasion. He never added any stress to the bride or groom. If anything, he was always a source of reassurance. When we thought there wasn’t time, he had a game plan. When we needed energy, he was the energy.

I feel like he was such an asset to our group because he genuinely wanted everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves. His conversations with the couple were always happy and reassuring. He is proactive and always tried to outsource his questions to the appropriate people - sisters, mother, coordinator, etc, so the couple could enjoy their wedding day without feeling like they needed to micro-manage everyone just to get the ball rolling.

Not only this, but he gave the bride and groom a sneak peak of a few fully edited photos, so if you wanted to have an unplugged ceremony, you would still get the instant gratification of pictures to share.

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