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We are professional, experienced and forward thinkers, and our great strength is decoding our client’s needs into effective web solutions! We share a constant drive to challenge ourselves to grow, develop new solutions, and generate novel ideas.

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54 customer reviews

27 September 2021

They have professionals on their team that have worked in the sector. They created a custom website design that is attractive enough to bring in my customers. Thanks.

23 September 2021

They designed my website, including the themes and my own UI designs, and they outdid themselves. It turned out to be a lot better than I had anticipated. It is highly recommended because the user experience is so seamless and pleasurable. More...

16 September 2021

I am impressed by the entire design. My brand personality connects fully and must be recognized. Well, thank you, fellas!

13 September 2021

The proper tools to give your website more life and edge smartly employ are inventive and crisp. Very advisable!

9 September 2021

I'm happy that I chose to work on the suggestion of my brother. They are extremely competent and responsive web designers.

7 September 2021

It was very easy and responsive to the whole procedure. I loved the way my project was handled.

3 September 2021

Prodigy Web Studios has in all respects a remarkable brain and video specialist. You are somebody that I will use again in the future and pay everything this time in advance

1 September 2021

With our corporate video, they have done a great job. Quality was excellent and the schedule was great. Many thanks, web studios Prodigy. Our next video project will look forward to working with you. More...

27 August 2021

Superb digital experts who do not show off their talents but deliver their task to them. Excellent experience, will replace a different project. People highly advised.

24 August 2021

Service rating of 5 stars. Their internet marketing services are excellent, and their prices are competitive. I am certain that I will work with them again in the future.

21 August 2021

They performed a fantastic job with our company's promotional film. The quality was excellent, and the time was ideal. Prodigy Web Studios, thank you. We are excited to collaborate with you on our upcoming video production. More...

17 August 2021

It's noteworthy and well-done. My heart is touched by the entire design. It works well with my business concept and has attracted a large number of potential consumers in the last month. 5 out of 5 stars

13 August 2021

For my brand, working with them was a dream come true. With a fresh and better website design, I was able to capture the attention of the target demographic and increase user experience.

11 August 2021

Excellent digital specialists who don't brag about their abilities, but instead demonstrate them via their work. Great experience; I'm looking forward to working on another project. People who come highly recommended. More...

10 August 2021

Pretty impressed with the services provided! My assignment was delivered on schedule, and I was given adequate support along the process. I had a great time working with them! More...

27 July 2021

It's entertaining to play prodigy. Prodigy makes arithmetic entertaining, yet I despise math, therefore it makes learning pleasant, unlike some other apps. I have a membership that includes a box and a cloud every month, and I enjoy it. It's my favorite school game, and I highly recommend it. More...

23 July 2021

Jacob swiftly and to a high standard created a simple animated film for us. Despite the fact that this was a simple work, he took excellent care and attention to detail, and he was very responsive to all of our messages. He was also willing to make design recommendations when they were needed. We will utilize him again without a doubt. More...

20 July 2021

am so thankful I found you people. My designs were perfect and so was the logo. I put all my eggs in one basket and you people did not disappoint.

14 July 2021

Our animator was excellent at communicating with us and addressing certain demands. They followed our instructions to the letter, and the movie turned produced beautifully! I'll be using them again in the future! More...

12 July 2021

Anderson is a terrific producer who puts in the time and effort to ensure that the final product fulfills all requirements. We requested a very specific style of video, which he executed flawlessly. Anderson was patient and responsive in implementing the necessary updates/recommendations after multiple rounds of feedback. Anderson's skills are highly recommended, and we will use them in the future. More...

9 July 2021

Prodigy Web Studios have a genius & great video expert in all respects. They are someone who I will look forward to using again in the future, this time paying everything upfront.

7 July 2021

With timely logo and website design solutions, I was able to excel my brand and take it to the next level. All thanks to their expert professionals who have put all the effort in making my brand a memorable one.

6 July 2021

Working with them proved to be dream come true for my brand. I was able to get attention of the target audience with new and improved website design to enhance user experience.

2 July 2021

UI/UX designs were topnotch, fluid themes, eye-catchy visual design, even-tempered information accessibility, and branding was done up to the mark. Thanks, Prodigy Web Studios!

29 June 2021

5/5 service. Their digital marketing services are great and the rates are also very reasonable. I will definitely work with them again in the future.

21 June 2021

This has become my go-to digital service website after acknowledging their brilliant expertise that led to positive ROI returns, audience gain, and other positive analytics. You guys got my seal of approval.

16 June 2021

Superb digital specialists that don’t flaunt their skills, but deliver them with their work. Great experience, will retort with another project. Highly recommended people.

8 June 2021

With the help of their professional team, I was able to get attractive interfaces for my website that increased my user experience. I would surely come back again with more work. Great Team. More...

3 June 2021

It's hard to find creative people like them. But I would just want them to speed up their quotation process.

2 June 2021

Professional team. I like their way of working. so far I have given them two projects and both times everything was done flawlessly and delivered on time.

1 June 2021

My website was outdated, So I hired Prodigy Web Studio to give my website an overall makeover. I must say, the design layout they gave for my website is fantastic. I highly recommend them to others. They are a one-stop solution for website development. More...

26 May 2021

I wished to enhance my startup's digital credibility and Prodigy Web Studios made my wish come true. They offered me a variety of web designs and did my work as per given instructions. I wish to work with them again.

15 April 2021

This company is garbage. After 4 months they couldn’t complete a website. Within that time frame, they switched my web developers 3 times without me asking.
I paid $2700 for the website. The contract said 100% satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back. Also, they said No hidden fees. I wasn’t satisfied and they do not have ethics. My website wasn’t near completion after 4 money, nor did they have the skills to make it look like how I wanted it. There websites look like they are from a thrift store, it’s ugly! If you have a business you care about how you’re being represented.
I also paid $500 for business cards, 6 weeks later nothing. Every week speaking to they they kept promising to send and even said we forgot. Then they kept pressuring me into copyrighting at about $600. When I contacted the government copyrighting website, I paid a little over $100. Then I needed software in putted on my website. The link was already coded and they were trying to tell me that they need to build it from scratch when it’s already coded for $8000.
See, for them to be this brutal with me, I know they have scammed hundred of idiots. Fools come around everyday. So, you think you can keep my $2700 without a fight. You got the right one.
These people never had any intention on completing my website. They expected me to accept just anything and be satisfied. They are bullies. They are scammers! They are not professional. The business is a revolving door. If you want an ugly, basic website with a company that doesn’t have a creative vision with poor morals and ethics this company is for you. For people that have sense, BUYER BEWARE!

3 February 2021

I had a very disappointing experience with this company. Aggressive marketing, deceptive advertising, intimidating customer service. They will not refund your money for any reason whatsoever. Stay away from them! More...

4 January 2021

Loved the logo and website!

The entire process was so smooth and responsive. I liked the way they handle my project.

8 December 2020

prodigy is fun I use it a lot prodigy makes math fun and I hate math it makes learning fun unlike some apps cough cough spelling city cough cough I have a membership which gives you a box every month and a cloud I like it it's my favorite school game I recommend it

25 September 2020

I was looking for a company to create an e-commerce website for me. Time was running out and I needed it on an urgent basis, my friend suggested prodigywebstudios.

The only question I had in my mind was whether they will get the job done or not. Because of a shortage of time, I was really stressed out. I wanted to kick start the project immediately. But at the same time, I was worried whether something may go wrong. Then I talked to Shawn, who convinced me that they are the right choice, and also showed me relevant examples of how my website may look like and what functionalities it will contain. Then I went ahead and thus when it was all said and done, I had a sigh of relief.

The best thing about them, they delivered everything before the deadline. Prodigy web studios saved my day, I am so glad that they get the job done within a certain period of time.

9 September 2020

They did an awesome job with our company business video. Quality was outstanding and the timing was perfect. Thank you, Prodigy Web Studios. We look forward to working with you on our next video project. More...

1 July 2020

Shawn is extremely easy to get along with and helped us through many challenging revisions. He's quick and provides quality work with perfect communication.

21 June 2020

Good job ! Please pass big thanks to every member of your team. I really like the approach on how you got the job done. Thank you.

29 April 2020

I was really great working with Carlee. Here followed our direction to the letter and was very creative in the process. His animation skill is awesome and he beat our deadline even though it was quite tight. We will certainly be working with him on our next project. More...

27 April 2020

Anderson is a fantastic producer who takes the time and effort to deliver an end-product that meets all specifications. We asked for a very specific style of video, which he delivered to perfection. There were also several rounds of feedback and Anderson was patient and responsive in implementing all necessary updates/recommendations. Highly recommend and will utilize Anderson's skills for future work. More...

15 April 2020

Shawn delivered excellent quality, very, very quickly. He is responsive and makes revisions quickly based on feedback. Very easy to work with and the final product turned out great. Will hire again.

9 April 2020

An extreme pleasure to work with. Pleasantly surprised about just how good the quality of video and communication was. Would have no problem using them again. Just awesome!!!!!

25 March 2020

Ronald is very professional. It was pleasure to work with him and I am sure I Will be working for more projects. There were no communication gaps, all responses from Ronald were swift, and quality of end product was also very good. I would recommend anyone for Professional Motion Graphics I am sure he will surprise you with his skillset and quality of work. Thanks a lot for great job. More...

19 March 2020

Jacob produced a simple animated video for us very quickly and to a high standard. Although this was a straight forward job, he showed great care and attention to detail and was very responsive to all our messages. He was also ready to give good design suggestions where needed. We will definitely use him again. More...

16 March 2020

Bruce provides great design ideas, quick results and is flexible for changes. I would definitely recommend working with them.