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It is the mission of P.R.I.S Consulting, LLC, to offer consultation that results in success. With people at the core of any business's health and prosperity, our humanistic approach focuses on your most valuable assets; your employees and your clients.


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23 September 2020

The professionalism of PRIC Consulting LLC impressed me very much because Dr. Bass took the time to listen and understand the concerns of my leadership skills. She was very patient and knowledgeable about the traits of an outstanding leader. I am extremely satisfied with the guidance that I have received from PRIC Consulting LLC. More...

8 September 2020

I have done a very great experience with Pris Consulting LLC and the Team from onboarding, to business strategy ,sales and mentoring.
Their coaching helps me grow successfully my business and I am proud to recommend this company to any entrepreneur who is seeking a real way to your business success.

P.Chevalier / Small Business owner -Miami Florida

3 September 2020

Pris Consulting is a business consultancy that operates at the highest global standards integrating vast business acumen, purpose, social and green impact, marketing & branding, corporate governance and organizational design. All of the consultants have great experience and the highest credentials for the work they do. I can only recommend to collaborate with Pris Consulting, LLC.

Robert Gierke,
Founder & CEO of Purenessity - Berlin, Germany

3 September 2020

Pris consulting is a firm with global operational standards. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Andrise, her knowledge in business coaching, personal development, and business strategy is a phenomenon.

31 August 2020

We collaborated with Pris Consulting and worked directly with Andrise Bass on developing our messaging strategy & team development during our DTC Beverage's GOTM. The results speak for themselves as the launch was a measurable success during the height of the corornavirus. More...

Thank You Mr. Bryan from Yuno, a quality product with a danymic CEO and COO. I'm very humble and grateful to work with your team and learn from you both.

28 August 2020

Andrise is a great professional, rigorous and results-oriented.
JP, Paris - France

Thank you JP Bom for your kind review. Merci beaucoup

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