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Let me provide you with a little history. I have been studying, training, and competing in the martial arts, combat sports, fitness, nutrition, and self-development for over four decades, and have been training individuals for 35 years and counting.

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My teaching methodology begins with everyone’s personality and predispositions. I begin by studying their attributes to discover the core of the athlete’s style, strengths, weaknesses, and any obstructions that are blocking them from achieving their goals and living a healthy lifestyle. Then I devise an individualized training program that systematically deepens the student’s knowledge and attributes while nurturing his or her natural gifts. Together we accomplish bringing them to the next level, whether that means shedding those last few extra pounds, finishing a 5K, or even competing in a Tough Mudder. Everyone from the casual exerciser, weightlifter, martial artist, boxer, fitness enthusiast, or seasoned athlete; I will help you discover lifestyle strategies and tactics to help you Go Beyond Training!

This is a Bullshit question..
There is no secret, a magic pill or 5 easy steps to the new you.
It boils down to one thing.
My job is to show you to guide you down the road less traveled.

Helping people push past their perceived limitations.

It boils down to Passion and Authenticity.
I have a passion for helping others by giving them my all.
I train people being me. No smoke and mirrors.
I bring a Breadth & Depth of knowledge to the table and communicate it in a user friendly manner.

I do not provide services online or remotely at this time.

I follow all the CDC Guidelines.
Wear a mask over your nose and mouth
Stay 6 feet away from others
Wash your hands often
Cover coughs and sneezes
Clean and disinfect
Monitor Your Health Daily


Learn the Who, What, How, Why, Where, and When of:

Catch Wrestling
Submission Fighting
Military Close Quarter Combatives (CQC) / Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun
Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do
Self Defense / Self Protection
Increase Energy Levels.
Raise Endurance.
Make you Stronger.
Make you Faster and more Explosive.
Increase Mobility and Flexibility.
Enhance your Senses.
Improve Proprioception
Boost your Focus.
Develop your Knowledge.
Develop Muscle Mass
Reduce Fat
Improve Body Composition.
Increase Health and Wellness.
Develop Balance.
Strengthen Bones and Tendons.
Aid Sleep and Recovery
Prevent Injury.