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We are a team of strategic storytellers who stand out from other production companies because we know how to elevate your brand's message with rich cinematic video at a fraction of the cost. We are very well versed in our craft and understand how to inject your videos with style, cinematic quality, and captivating information that will engage with your audience.


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12 June 2018

It was great to work with Powertale. They work very professionally and they understood what I wanted for my project every step of the way. Their cuality is outstanding and their prices very reasonable. More...

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Simple. We deeply enjoy telling stories that truly connect with people and add value to their lives. We always aim to convey with every video a beautiful, effective, and compelling message about you that propels customers to connect with your brand at a personal level. We are a team of filmmakers who know exactly how to empower your unique voice in today’s noisy sea of content and make your target audience turn their heads to you.

After working for many renowned broadcast and internet media companies such as NBC, Machinima, and Variety Magazine, we were inspired to bring our knowledge, talent, and skills to help other upcoming brands to tell their stories effectively and drive results.

We believe clients should choose us because of our modern way to view the world. The internet and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon disrupted not only the way new audiences watch content, but also their perceptions on what they find compelling and meaningful. The old ways to present ourselves to others via traditional media is no longer working, and we're now expected to convey introspective messages outside of the box with quality and to the point. We love being creative about how to achieve this by adapting these cinematic concepts to your brand.



We offer the following services: - Develop concepts that are effective to your video's purpose - Generate a budget estimate for the video desired / Adapt the video to your budget limits - Create a production breakdown that suits the needs of the video's creation. - Cast Talent (if required) - Hire Crew (size depends on the project's needs) - Provide and/or rent equipment according to the job's demands. - Coordinate & plan for production

We execute the filming process of your video and bring talent (if any), crew, and equipment. The size and category of these elements will depend both on the type of video we are creating for you and your available budget.

We offer the following services contingent on the your video's specific demands and budget: - Video & Sound Editing - Sound Design - Basic Color Correction - Advanced Color Grading (DaVinci Resolve Studio) - Visual Effects & Animation