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Positive Actions International's counseling services focuses on the full spectrum of your life including emotional, spiritual, professional and relationship with self and others. With a variety of counseling techniques to choose from, we hope that you will be encouraged to examine your current situation and take the necessary POSITIVE ACTIONS to move your life from where you are to where you want to be.

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15 January 2019

I was referred to this office by another doctor and I cannot even begin to describe the amount of gratitude that I have for this place. It has changed my life in so many positive ways. I thought I was starting to become beyond any help and was going to be stuck seeing a therapist forever but coming here really gives me the tools to heal myself and make me feel like I will be able to use a therapist as needed instead of constant in the future. The entire staff is friendly, outgoing, warm and welcoming. I love the basis of the office and the mindset of them helping you move forward in life instead of saying put. I am thankful to God and the doctor who recommended the office. More...

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I hold a deep passion for helping individuals find the best in themselves and others. One of my main counseling principles is, "We can do all things;" and as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I find rewarding helping clients achieve their goals.

I' m committed to being a "Holder of Hope." I like believes that every person has unique, God-given gifts and talents to share with the world. Gifts that when discovered and well utilized, provide a more meaningful, well-balanced life.

Hiring a Counselor could be one of the best investments they make in their lives life! People who seek out the assistance of a professional counselor are motivated to take positive actions to make a change in their personal and/or professional life. Positive Actions International can give them the boost they need to create the life they envision and bring it from a dream into reality.

Positive Actions International focuses on a solution-oriented approach and we use your past only as a stepping stone for what you can do today. My education and business director experience have provided me with valuable action-oriented skills. I share with my clients these same skills so that they will be empowered with the know-how and take the positive actions to make a successful change.


Infidelity can damage even the strongest of relationships, leaving behind feelings of betrayal, guilt, and anger. For those who have suffered this breach of loyalty, whether married or in a dating relationship, overcoming those feelings can be extremely difficult. But with the support of a good therapist, it is possible for a couple to rebuild, and in some cases, emerge stronger.

For others, an affair can be too heavy a weight for a relationship to carry, and parting ways may be their initial answer. But before closing the door on the relationship, there are positive actions that can be taken that might help the relationship get on the track to healing, or help you walk away with a healthy heart.

Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill? Are you and your partner stuck in the same argument loop every night? Do you feel like you and your partner are drifting away? Do you desire more intimacy between you and your partner?

All things can be improved, changed and bettered, with just a little support, no matter how big or small. I work with couples to help each partner communicate more effectively and ask for what each partner needs in order to feel better understood and strengthen the love and respect they have for one another. Whether you are in need of serious help or just looking to strengthen from good to great in your relationship, our couples therapy approach can make a difference. With couples therapy, you’ll learn how to communicate your feelings and needs, and get what you want out of your relationship.

Are you struggling to come to terms with a recent divorce?
Has your divorce or separation left you feeling angry or despondent?

Just as marriage is one of life’s most significant experiences, so is divorce. While recovering from divorce can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Divorce recovery therapy can help you cope with the emotional and mental toll that often comes with the end of a marriage.