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We offer in home, at the gym, and online personal training across the globe. Our app is included with any current client and it offers real time tracking of vitals via FitBit and Apple Watch; nutrition support via pictures or MyFitnessPal; free packet of over 40 high protein recipes;

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3 February 2015

l have been training with Peter Marino for 7 months now and I lost 20 lb! I have also lowered my cholesterol by 30 points while increasing my HDL's. If you want to be in better shape, lose weight and have better blood work I highly recommend Peter. More...

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I use my app to track dietary goals via MyFitnessPal integration. I also track measurements, heart rate, sleep, and activity via FitBit or Apple Watch integration through my app. I text, email, and call (depending on how you like to communicate) to keep tabs on clients. I help with supplements and dietary advice and I offer exercise programs for clients to follow when they are not training with me. The most important factor is weekly communications to coax and support clients while they're not training with me!

SCIENCE! You have to follow a specific meal plan that determines your macro and micronutrient needs while performing an exercise program that fits your body type and how quickly you recover. That's why tracking sleep, activity, and meals is so important. It's easy to dream but it takes science to make it a reality!

Helping people understand their bodies so they can make better lifelong choices to help them live a healthier, and more vibrant life.

I was influenced by my family that had a business of their own but ultimately I wanted more control over my life while helping others gain better control of their health.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have seen every trend and diet, and I know what works and what is baloney. I use the scientific method to obtain results for myself and my clients so if you want to know what will get you results while keeping yourself healthy then I'm your person! If you want trendy lies to waste your time and money then I'm not your person.

Yes, I use my app and Zoom for online personal training as well as health coaching.

I wore a mask, wiped down all equipment, and used sanitizer until it was deemed safe to not wear a mask. I've been fully vaccinated since early May 2021. That said, I still use sanitizer every visit!


Meet with your trainer via Zoom (or another video service) for a fully supportive and motivating workout.

Depending on where you live we'll come to your home for an in-person workout. We provide equipment if you do not have any. In-home training is limited to Westchester NY, parts of western Long Island NY, and Western CT (Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, CosCob, Darien, New Canaan).

We offer personal training exclusively through Pine Brook Fitness in New Rochelle NY, and The Arena Fitness in White Plains NY. If your gym allows independent trainers let us know so we can add if to our roster of gyms to train you!

I can help you obtain better health through weekly tracking and advice via Zoom or in-person (if located within the Westchester NY or Stamford CT area). Using my app I can track your diet via MyFitnessPal and give you advice for each meal that falls out of line of the guidelines we establish. Whether you want to lose weight, be healthier or increase performance I can help you! My app also allows me to provide workouts that you can follow with a how-to video of each exercise. It is suggested that we have one 20 minute Zoom call per week to keep on top of your goals and help educate you along the way to a better and healthier version of you.

We're not a biotech company, we let Ixcela (our testing platform) take care of that. We will guide you on your journey to better health by learning more about your metabolites. Learning about your metabolites informs us of the best way to improve your food choices, supplements, and mindfulness techniques for improved health and fitness.
Gut health impacts digestive health, the immune system, weight loss, brain health, emotional balance, and energetic efficiency. Testing your gut provides critical insight into how your lifestyle choices and habits are affecting your internal health. I offer a 45-minute counseling session to go over the results, as well as personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Learn more about Ixcela’s at-home pinprick blood test at go.ixcela.com/enroll.*

*Use Code PoshFitness when purchasing.

What is Will To Fight Aging?
It’s a complete wellness program for men over 40 trying to improve how they feel, look, and function by integrating and improving their fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. We do this by tracking and improving 11 metabolites and your testosterone levels all by natural means! No insane workouts, just good science. I developed this new program and executed it myself at the age of 50, but I need to prove that it works for ALL men to make it go mainstream. My fee is just $200 per month over 3 months to cover my time and effort. Thus, it is a pilot program right now and the price will be about $600-$700 per month when this program goes mainstream! So get in now!
Pictured here are the results I attained in less than 6 months' time at age 50!

What do you get?
You’ll get 3 - 5 workouts per week sent via my app complete with how-to videos, a choice of meal plans,
the complete list of supplements I personally take to perform my best and keep aging at bay, and the opportunity to take 2 at-home tests for tracking 11 metabolites and another one for testing male hormone levels (including testosterone, DHEA, estradiol, cortisol TSH, as well as PSA and your lipid profile).
You’ll also receive my ebook with lots of information to prevent premature aging (this is also a beta ebook and I'd love your input!)

The tests will inform me as to what you may need to eat more of, what supplements may benefit you, and what lifestyle changes you should make to improve your hormone balance and your gut microbiome, or the good bacteria within your gut. At the end of this 12-week pilot program, you’ll have the chance to retest everything to see how you have progressed. Since this is a pilot program you will only pay a minimal service fee from me but would have to pay for the tests and supplements you are willing to take. As part of the pilot program you’ll get all of my fitness and health advice, virtual consulting, and 24/7 communications all included! By the end of the program you may lose up to 10% body fat (I lost 10% myself), increase your muscle mass, and feel and look better, while also improving your male hormone levels. Join by filling out the form here. I will personally guide you through every step of the program and meet with you virtually every week. You’ll have direct communication with me 24/7!