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Astoria, NY

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Pimptronot is an EDM face-mask artist and DJ based out of New York City. He has been a Ghost Producer in the Past for Artist like Avicii, Frankie Knuckles and James Stinson. He has produced and remixed over 100 records for an all-star roster of multi-platinum artists, including U2, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

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18 May 2024

Pimptronot is the best. He did a 4 hour set at our beach house in progressive and deep house music. Our 50 friends dance into the night. Thank you again for flying out to California. More...

22 April 2024

Hiring Pimptronot, one of Avicii's ghost producers from back in the day, for a time slot at Austin House Festival was an absolute delight and a decision that I'll always be happy about. Pimptronot brought a unique and refreshing vibe to the festival with his distinctive facemask and unparalleled music production skills.

From the moment Pimptronot took the stage, the crowd was mesmerized by his infectious energy and the seamless blend of melodies and beats that resonated throughout the venue. His performance was a testament to his talent and creativity, showcasing why he is truly a standout in the electronic music scene.

Pimptronot's music is unlike anything I had heard before - it was a perfect fusion of styles that kept the audience dancing and engaged throughout his set. His ability to connect with the crowd and create a euphoric atmosphere was truly remarkable.

Overall, hiring Pimptronot for Austin House Festival was a decision that brought me immense joy and satisfaction. I look forward to seeing where his career takes him next, as he continues to push boundaries and redefine electronic music.

4 April 2024

A friend recommended Pimptronot for my private party, and he turned out to be an incredible performer. Not only did he entertain us with his skills, but we also had the opportunity to commission him to design custom hoodies for my guests. Pimptronot is a talented and humble individual. I can't help but wonder what he truly looks like beneath that persona. More...

22 December 2023

We hired Pimptronot for a benefit party for a small group of friends in Tampa FL. All of our wife’s at the party we dancing to his music. Was a special night and wanted to thank him. More...

7 October 2023

To have TI and Pimptronot perform at our charity event for our guests who spent millions in raising money for our cancer charity. Both artist we a hit.

7 October 2023

Pimptronot killed it. He performed for 3 nights on our private yacht. My wife and our guest dance every night to his sounds. What an amazing man and talent. If you want something special you want to hire him. Worth every penny. More...

19 July 2023

A friend referred me to this facemask talent. I wanted my 20 friends to have music on the yacht we rented in Miami. Pimptronot spent two nights and two days. Probably over 8 hours a day we was spinning progressive house on the sea for me and my friends. He made my friends dance and f..k all night long. Can’t wait to hire him again. More...

30 June 2023

Wow-Wow all I can say. We hired Pimptronot for a party and he played progressive house music for 4 hours. It was an amazing night for my guests. I’m so happy this artist moved to Florida. More...

17 May 2023

Amazing person and the music he plays/produces is literally out of this world. Very few talents like him on the market.

7 January 2023

We hired pimptronot for our private NYE party. He is a true walking legend. He mixed in music that we never heard before but kept the dance floor rocking all night long.

9 December 2022

We needed an amazing progressive house DJ for a private event. Our friend referred us to Pimptronot. Wow was he’s amazing. Even performed an extra hour but we did pay him almost 15,000 dollars dollars. He was worth it because our guest keep asking about how to book him. More...

2 November 2022

We needed a last minute DJ for a club event. We got referred to try an artist named Pimptronot. All I could say is Fu. king amazing. His two hour progressive house set blew the crowd away and more important liquor sales doubled from last years event. We hope to hire Pimptronot again. More...

6 September 2022

We needed a last minute DJ for a street musical festival. Pimptronot killed it. We never heard music like this before.

6 July 2022

We needed a last minute Electronic DJ for our casino after our headliner canceled 10 hours before showtime. Pimptronot didn’t just show up on time he brought two 9 foot robots that move around the crowd. I never seen anything like it before. He wasn’t just talented but was professional. We will hire him again I am sure. More...

26 May 2022

We hired Pimptronot for a Burning Man theme party in Las Vegas. What a talent. He has those whole group of us in a trans state of mind. Probably one of the top DJs you can hire if you are into deep house / minimum techno sounds. More...

15 April 2022

We hired people for an upstate NY festival with 40 other DJs. We never hired him before but let me tell you he rocked the outdoor event. It’s was an amazing night and we hope to book him next year. More...

9 March 2022

After being locked away for the pandemic three years my girl friend and I wanted to celebrate life with over 100 friends so we hired several DJs. But the one that stood out was Pimptronot. From Deep House to Progressive the party was popping off. Our friends the next day told us it was a night to remember and a lot had to do with the music. So thank you for coming to our event and we look forward to hiring you again in the future. More...

6 March 2022

My kids love Pimptronot’s music. So we surprised them with a two hour set at our home in Las Vegas. Pimptronot even brought face-masks for the kids to run around. To see our kids and friends bouncing around after this long pandemic warmed our hearts He was worth the 5k we paid to have him perform and he even supplied NFT artwork as a gift to my oldest son. Just an amazing soul and happy we could book him thru this service. More...

25 February 2022

What can I say. This artist/DJ/facemask is out of this world. We have a local burning man party in the woods and wanted to bring in some unique DJs. Pimptronot blew away the crowd. He was just paid for two hours but actually ended spinning 8 hours and we cut the other DJs. He is a true artist who spins for the crowd not his ego. More...

15 December 2021

Pimptronot is crazy and I mean that in a good way. He would play minimum House and mix in crazy hits from the 1980s while wearing is diamond facemask. The man is pure talent and got the girls dancing into the morning hours. More...

27 November 2021

This is the second time we brought Pimptronot to our Las Vegas Nigjt club event. The man is a genius behind the decks. He would combine some of the weirdest sounds into deep house tracks taking our club up and down through out the night. We look forward to hiring him again. More...

12 October 2021

Wow. A friend referred me to this amazing DJ Pimptronot. He remix skills on the cuff is just fantastic. He would take a Johnny Cash song and mix it into a progressive house beat or take Superman theme song and chop it up into a dance song. The festival crowd was very impressed and to spin in a facemask for 4 hours was impressive itself. He isn’t cheap but worth the money. More...

19 August 2021

Let’s just say if you hire PiMPTRONOT he isn’t a DJ but a magical music producer who can combine Frank Sinatra over a house track on the fly or bring in a childhood melody over a deep house track. I have hired many DJ artist before but this facemask artist is one of a kind and worth every penny we put behind him in our forest festival event. More...

7 July 2021

On July 4th we contracted out PiMPTRONOT to spin on our rooftop for about 300 deep house fans. He killed it and keep the party dancing to the early morning. If you haven’t seen this artist perform you are missing out and no one knows his face as his custom facemask is amazing. Very cool act we will hire him again. Thank you again and the price was just right. More...

26 June 2021

We hired PiMPTRONOT to spin between 11pm to 4am. It was an amazing poolside 5 hour DJ set and was with the 5k we paid him and his sound guy. If you live deep house and underground EDM music. This facemask DJ is your guy. We will hire him again for the next poolside event we do at our hotel. More...

5 June 2021

We hired PiMPTRONOT for our club because our crowd loves deep house and progressive house music. He worked his tables for four hours and the crowd loved every minute of it. Their is no other American face-mask DJ of his kind on the market. He is a great talent for any club environment. More...

23 May 2021

A fellow promoter referred me to hire PiMPTRONOT. I thought he be a perfect headliner for my small festival we put on every summer. What an amazing talent and person under that mask. He rock the two hour set and we plan to have him back again. More...

14 May 2021

Wow-Wow is all I can say. PiMPTRONOT created a magically journey for our friends in the comfort of our home in Las Vegas. He paid deep house for three hours and was worth the 4,000 dollars per hour . Will hire him again in a year or so. More...

9 May 2021

Hiring PiMPTRONOT was my girl friends choice. Having him spin on our boat for our special guests was the best choice of the night. I have no idea how he can wear that facemask for 4 hours at sea but he literally rocked the boat. Was worth the 10k and would do it again next year god willing. More...

6 May 2021

All I can say is Wow :). PiMPTRONOT was amazing. He even went another hour for free because he felt the party wasn’t over and never did our guests. What a night to remember. Totally a DJ you want to have at your adult parties if your crowd loves electronic dance music. More...

19 February 2021

After hearing Pimptronot’s music I couldn’t wait to get him on my husbands boat. Our guests danced the night away to his amazing techno and tech house tracks. Amazing talent.

4 February 2021

We hired DJ Pimptronot to spin techno music at our home in Miami. The party was off the chain. We all felt like their was no worry in the world during those three hours.

26 January 2021

We got so tired of the clubs in our area closed that we hired Laid Back Luke and Pimptronot to perform an amazing set for some of our friends in our backyard. Thank you both for flying to our location. Was fantastic. More...

24 January 2021

I am so happy we hired you to perform in our home. Your face-masks are so cool and you are very talented. We are so happy that you gave us a discount for such a talented and high rated EDM DJ. We will be saving up and hopefully hire you again. More...


Reply from Pimptronot

My pleasure

17 January 2021

There are no words to describe how you made our night! There was laughing, sweating, jumping, we COULD NOT STOP DANCING! Thank you a million times over! Pimptronot are the best and worth every dollar. More...


Reply from Pimptronot

Happy I could serve you

17 January 2021

Thank you so much for DJ’ing our private event! Your reputation precedes you and you definitely lived up to it! The ceremony went off perfectly and we had a blast at our reception! Thank you for helping us have an AMAZING Pimptronot night! More...


Reply from Pimptronot

Let’s do it again when you have the budget to get it done :)

16 January 2021

Pimptronot provide a holistic & comprehensive approach in working together with our clients to insure a worry-free day and memories that will be talked about for years to come! But don’t take our word for it. Hire him to perform at your event. More...


Reply from Pimptronot

Thank you for letting me serve you

16 January 2021

We flew Pimptronot and his sound crew to our home in Italy. He spent the weekend performing his sets for our friends. He over performed and his crew was wonderful.


Reply from Pimptronot

Thank you for the gig. It was fun :)

11 January 2021

Me and my wife went to TomorrowLand in 2018 and we saw Pimptronot perform. When we found out that we could book him to fly to Vegas to perform at our private home. My wife gave me the OK to hire him. It was the best 5,000 dollars we have spent. He brought over 20 LED facemasks so all of our guests could rave out and have fun on a different level. He even let some of my guests spin with him. It was an amazing night and would recommend his services to anyone who wants to try something new. More...


Reply from Pimptronot

It was my pleasure :)

11 January 2021

We hired Pimptronot to spin our private home for 50 of our friend. He was amazing. He wasn’t cheap but he had the whole party happy and that was worth every penny. We hope to hire him again next year. More...


Reply from Pimptronot

It was my honor to service you.