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6 August 2019

Every time I've referred Client to Pickard Architects they have been left satisfied & happy even though they do huge projects like Whittier's awesome Sprouts (the parking lot placement not their idea a city requirement per Whittier Blvd Specific plan) my clients smaller projects were still handled & completed on time they know their stuff!!

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16 July 2019

Pickard architects are professionals, city of Whittier takes a lot of time to review plans because they are good at what they do, Pickard are experts in Commercial, Restaurant building and Residential in the area, besides Sprouts and Auntie's bakery and cafe, they are amazing team, for those who are about to hire an architect I recommend interviewing a few, as a Mexican Architect I am really lucky to have met this team of experts, pleased with the firm, Whittier is a beautiful city and we care about its image.

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28 May 2018

Nice poeple and nice place

Reviewed on Google Maps

8 July 2016

Paul F.'s review is not correct or accurate. First, Pickard Architects is not a law firm. It is an architecture and engineering firm. We use standard contracts prepared by, and purchased from, the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Those contracts are the standard in the architecture and engineering industry, and are used by the majority of architecture and engineering firms in the United States. They are not one sided contracts. In fact, we use written contracts because 1) we are required to by California law, and 2) it's just good business practice. Second, Paul F.'s project was a very, very small cover over his front porch. He tried to build it without a building permit, and the City caught him and forced him go to a professional and get plans engineered to submit to the Santa Fe Springs building department so that a permit could be issued. He hired Pickard Architects after we quoted him a small fee of $ 1,500 to do the work based on what he told us the City wanted. However, he did not tell us the straight story because he was trying to cut costs and minimize his expense. When we found out what the City really wanted, we had to raise the fee a little to cover the increased amount of work that he did not tell us we had to do. I think we raised it about $ 500. Paul was disgruntled because he didn't want to pay a fair price for the work we had to do. There were no tricks, no dishonesty, no confusing contracts, and no lawyers involved. We haven't managed to stay in business for over 35 years at the same location, with a list of literally thousands of satisfied clients by producing substandard work, or being dishonest or unfair. If you wish to see the kind of work we do, check out our website at pickard.com. More...

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26 August 2013

I worked for this company some 6 years ago, and I saw all the billings for my group - nothing was ever tilted or unfair. Architectural services from a professional company are not inexpensive - there are years of professional experience in the management of that company, and you can expect good solid work - at a fair price. The fact that the principal is also a lawyer can only be a benefit to you and your project. More...

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