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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Whether you are looking to capture a life event, business event or the everyday moments that make up your unique place in this world, my story-driven and more candid style is something I think you'll love now, and for years to come. I don't follow trends.

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8 October 2018

Jeanine is a very talented woman. She can see bejond apparences and catch with her camera the exact moment when all is revealed. Love your work!!!!

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8 October 2018

Discerning. Genuine. Classy. Sensitive.
Kind! Have met and appreciate her loveliness. She has unselfishly trained others in her genuine caring of this art. Appreciate you!

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8 October 2018

Jeanine is one of the most talented photographers I've seen - she focuses on lighting in a way that's rare, and has a gift for capturing people as they are naturally. Get away from posed shots & copying things off Pinterest, she'll capture your family in a modern way that's unique & all you. More...

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Patience! You simply can't rush a great image. I'm sure other photographers will tell you this as well, but there are many occasions where you may wait an hour or more in one spot just to capture that perfect moment. I've laid on the floor with a dog until he was no longer afraid of my camera and waited out temper tantrums and long lines to get a shot of my 6 year-old subject getting his face painted at the fair. There is no disguising a hurried photo shoot. If no one in the photo looks relaxed or happy, why would you want to display those images?

What are you trying to achieve with these photos? Are you wanting to create memories of your children with their grandparents to look back on years from now? Are you wanting to visually show your clients that you are an expert in your field? Are you wanting to capture the Sunday morning tradition of making pancakes with your daughter before she goes off to college?
There's always a "why" behind your photos - even a simple headshot is intended to convey your personality to a potential client. We'll discuss your "why" and how I can best create that for you.

Being able to make a photograph that I know my client will look at fondly in the future. Making images that MEAN something to someone. Selfies will get deleted - sooner rather than later - I love taking the time and putting the thought into making my subject look their best or capturing the essence of who they are in one or two frames.

I come from an entrepreneurial family and office jobs never held my interest. (Ok, I'll be honest - they sucked the soul right out of me.) While photography was always one of my favorite art forms, I never dreamed an average person could make a living by taking photos. I assumed you have to be an Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz to have clients. One of my last office jobs was working for a realtor. When I started taking his real estate photos, I realized that I COULD take photos for a living. I started studying photography seriously, created my own real estate photography business and for almost a decade, I have continued to learn all I can about this medium, figure out my style and continue to build a clientele.

Clients should choose me if they like my look and style. I encourage them to look at other photographers and find the one that is the best fit for them. Find someone whose photographs make you stop and SEE the image - not just quickly scroll through the same type shot over and over. If you're drawn to black and white photos, look for a photographer who has a beautiful collection of black and white photos in their portfolio. Whether you choose me or not, please don't pick the cheapest person who only shoots vivid color shots in her home studio and HOPE that she can give you some stunning black and whites.