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Montclair, NJ

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Perspectives photo provides realtors with stunning and dynamic images for their listings.
We provide High Dynamic Range Photography, and Floor plans delivered within 24 hours! All photo packages come with MLS compatible photo delivery. Other services include Branded and Unbranded single property websites, Virtual Staging, Virtual Twilight photography.

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I enjoy interacting with clients and showing them how we can make their job easier. I especially enjoy when they see the quality of our product exceeds what they were expecting!

As a longtime fan of photography I was often told...you should "get into this". Well here I am enjoying my passion!

Clients should choose perspectives because we give you a combination of quality, price, features and benefits that the competition cannot match.


A floor plan is a great way to show the layout of rooms in a building. Often photographs alone cannot convey this information. 2D floor plans are digitally scanned. This means no tapemeasures, laser measurers...no mess! Floor plans are delivered in 24 hours.

At Perspectives, we utilize High Dynamic Range photography to capture your space with a greater range of color intensity and detail than would be possible with traditional photography. High Dynamic Range photography is the fusion of multiple exposures which are blended to achieve optimum results. Because of this, our images have greater contrast and depth.

Virtual Staging is a Photorealistic 3D technique to help you sell or rent properties faster. We place beautiful virtual furnishings into your property photos. It helps potential buyers visualize their future home and can significantly boost property appeal.

Turn an empty space into a desirable home!