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Personal Advocates offers Life, Career, and Relationship Coaching to individuals and couples. Our goal is to help you resolve issues so you can live a more productive and fulfilling life.

We all face challenges that can seem insurmountable.

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26 June 2018

Let me start by telling a little about myself. I graduated from college in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. I was so excited! I thought, with my new college degree, I would be able to easily find work in an interesting field.Unfortunately, I hadn't been paying attention to the economic news while I was finishing school. 2008 was one of the years when we were worst hit by the Great Recession, and hiring was way down. Unemployment was way up. I was going up against people for entry-level jobs who had 20+ years of experience. It was a difficult time, and I ended up doing any work I could find, starting with staying at my restaurant server job. I did temp work and all different kinds of office work. By the time I met with Mike in 2017, my resume was quite the hodgepodge of experience! (Not to mention, I had gotten an additional degree since then as a Paralegal...) I needed help, and Mike knew exactly what to do. I had to figure out what I wanted to do and go for it! The first step was taking a temp job with the job title that I wanted. It wasn't exactly the job I was looking for, and no chance of going permanent. But I felt so much better because I was on the right track. Mike helped me with everything: my resume, interviewing skills, networking skills, and, most importantly, building my confidence. I am now working at a great job, doing the work that I want to be doing. If it weren't for Mike, I'm not sure what I'd be doing right now. Even if you aren't sure if you need or want coaching, it doesn't hurt to call Mike and get a consultation. That's what I did, and I am so happy that I did! More...

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28 May 2018

Career coaching with Mike completely changed my life. I know that probably seems extreme, but it's absolutely true. When I was looking for a job on my own, I was unable to find what I was looking for and I couldn't get over the psychological hurdles that were in my mind. Mike helped me to figure out what was holding me back, and helped me keep my confidence level up! I didn't realize in the past how much my confidence sags while looking for a job. Mike can help with every single part of the job search process. In our first meeting, he helped me explore what my options were, and what my ideal job would be. After that, we reviewed my resume, cover letters, and where to look for a job. Throughout the entire process, Mike was able to help me figure out what would be best for me. Seven months later, I found my dream job. I now love going to work every day. This has had repercussions on my entire life, and I am so grateful to Mike for everything he did to help me get to this wonderful level. More...

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28 May 2018

While searching for my perfect career opportunity, I found Mike through LinkedIn's ProFinder service. I was thoroughly impressed by what he had to offer in regards to career mentorship and his guidance ultimately paid off. I now have successfully begun the career of my dreams and it was Mike's help that allowed me to get in the door. More...

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28 May 2017

Mike has worked with me remotely through Skype and phone calls to guide me through a rough job transition. He has incredible compassion but keeps you accountable through the work that only you can do to improve your life. You'll love working with Mike.

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28 May 2017

Mike is brilliant at understanding just where I am and then helping me get to a better place. Conversations with him tend to reshape my thinking; I come away with a new plan and a positive attitude about making it happen. More...

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28 May 2017

I highly recommend Michael as a life coach. We've worked together for several months and he's provided the encouragement and insight to help me overcome some major obstacles in my life. Michael is able to ask hard questions and helped me examine ways I was holding myself back. He balanced that with kindness and empathy, plus concrete action steps I could take to make progress. It's been a great experience working with Michael! More...

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I love the look in peoples eyes when they realize that they have the ability to change their lives. There are so many unhappy people that are stuck because they don't recognize their own power to change. If I can help them take positive action to be happier and more fulfilled, I've done my job.

I spent years in various corporate environments helping them communicate, but it was very impersonal and financially motivated. I decided to start Personal Advocates because I wanted to give back the care and support I have received in my life. This is the most fulfilling work I have ever done.

Clients choose me because I care about them as individuals. I work hard to listen to their needs and develop custom plans to achieve them. I take a very individualized approach because every person is unique and they deserve to be treated that way.


Life Coaching is much more than a simple conversation with your coach.  It's a process where we work together to develop a plan of action to achieve your goals.  Whether you are working to resolve a specific issue or creating a vision of your ideal life, we will identify a course of action, define a series of steps to achieve it, and set target dates to complete them.

Of course, creating a plan is only the beginning of the process.  The challenge is to follow the plan to achieve the desired results.  That's why you will periodically meet with me to discuss your progress, identify any barriers to achieving your goals, and adjust the plan as necessary.  I will hold you accountable for your progress and provide guidance throughout the process.

People seek Career Coaching for a variety of reasons, including burnout, boredom, personality conflicts, lack of advancement, money, or changing interests and values.  If you are unhappy in your professional life, it's time for a change.

You need a career that aligns with your passions and personal values to have a truly fulfilling professional life.  Some people have already found that path but need direction and encouragement.  Others are still searching for the right fit.  No matter where you are in this journey, I can help.  Whether you are seeking career change, a killer resume, better interview/networking skills, or help finding the jobs that are never posted on the internet, I will help you create a plan to achieve your dream career.

Over a third of your waking life is spent working.  Don’t settle for a job that simply pays the bills.  Let me help you achieve the career you deserve; one that is rewarding, challenging, and personally fulfilling.

I believe the root cause of most relationship issues is a lack of effective communication.  Relationship Coaching centers around learning the skills you need to communicate effectively so you can resolve issues and build intimacy without creating conflict.

I've found that in the excitement of developing an intimate emotional relationship, many couples don't discuss the myriad details that will impact their relationship into the future.  Sensitive topics like money and finance, children and parenting, family relationships, household chores, and sex create frustrations and resentments if they are not discussed.  In established relationships, beliefs and goals change over time and need to be discussed or the couple simply grows apart.

Working with a Relationship Coach allows couples and families to address these topics in a constructive environment while learning the communication tools required to maintain and grow a healthy partnership.