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Chicago, Illinois

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I am a beginner Hip Hop/R&B DJ ready to transition from just practicing to working events. I am 23 years old and based out of the Chicago area.

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I think the key to keeping a party dancing all night is obviously the music but also engaging with the crowd and having great energy as a DJ.

My 'style' is definitely hip hop/r&b based. I do love Neo Soul and some pop music but hip hop and r&b is always more fun to play to me. I love mixing old and new songs together.

The fact that it's anything music related is enough for me. I have loved music for as long as I can remember. Besides that, I love making sure people have a good time and being in control of that energy with music is a huge responsibility but it's a lot of fun.

I am currently in school and working as a server. When I first started school, I really did feel like I was doing it and getting my degree for myself and I was happy about that but lately I've started to feel like it doesn't matter to me anymore. My degree will be in digital marketing and I am uncertain about my future if I pursue that, I'm nervous that I wont be happy. Music and Djing makes me happy. This is something I've always wanted to do and I would regret it if I never tried, so here I am!

I think clients should choose me because I have a really broad music library (both in my head and on my iTunes). My family says that my brain is an iPod. That being said, I think that I could please a crowd of all different tastes, it would be a fun time for everybody!