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Our philosophy is centered first and foremost on Meeting Clients' Needs and developing a product and process which is most conducive to the conditions and context of the project. We enjoy our profession and it reflects in every design and detail.

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8 June 2018

Fantastic architect, designed a few things around my house. Would recommend to anyone.

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18 December 2014

Glen is a fantastic architect with great ideas and superior attention to detail. We have worked on numerous projects together and would strongly recommend him

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Local Municipalities who govern Planning and Zoning and Building Construction projects determine what areas can and cannot be built in certain areas or neighborhoods. Garage Conversions must adhere to these local requirements when considering conversions into living spaces, or adding a floor above for an Accessory Dwelling Unit, (A.D.U.). If the conversion is to attach a detached garage to the existing house, then the Yard Setbacks must conform to codes. Most detached garages are set too close to the property lines to allow for this attachment.

A Garage Conversion, or any building construction project requires upfront research to determine what is allowed and not allowed on the Zone Lot. If an existing Building is in need of remodel and addition, then complete as-built documentation is needed before any extensive design work can take place. A simple sketch to show a building official is fine but accurate drawings are required for construction documentation and permitting.