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Our company's aim is to provide nuanced and challenging levels -by degrees- of fitness to our student/clients.
Chief Instructor, Michael Bentt, an actor(Sonny Liston, 'ALI') and boxing writer(Bert Sugar's FIGHTGAME, The HBO Championship Boxing website, The Sweet Science), is a former WBO World Heavyweight Champion, 2016 'New York City Golden Gloves Hall of Fame' inductee, 2013 'New York City Ring 8 Lifetime Achievement Award' recipient, five-time U.

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With the gift of over three and half decades of experience as an international elite boxer, writer and instructor, where I've had the good fortune to have been mentored by some of the best boxing minds of the last century, I pass on those insights to my student/clients in the way that I they were conveyed to me: with patience, and a fundamental breakdown of the What, How, Why, and When.
A vast degree of boxing begins and ends in the mind. Kind of like life. A majority of our population has something to express-something to release- but are afraid of engaging it. I completely get it. But fear isn't necessarily a bad thing, if we don't continue to allow it to handcuff us. The opposite of fear is respect, i.e, respect what or who is in front of us, beit an opponent to our front or a crisis in our head. Being present enough to accept the circumstances and seamlessly click into strategic mode are tools that are available to us if we give ourselve permission.

Committment,creative, imaginative, challening and encouraging workouts.
Knowing how far too push and knowing when to pusharll back off of the proverbial gas.

What I love most about my work as a personal instructor is the sharing of my education in the world of boxing.

'Great teachers dont teach what they know, they teach who they are.' - Georgie Benton

After serving as a boxing instructor at NewYork City's historical Downtown Athletic Club, I was hired by film director Michael Mann to serve as Assistant Instructor and chief sparring partner to Will Smith. One of my assignments was to communicate the subtle language of a fighter.
During the course of my tenure as an Instructor that language has augment by cob