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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


One of the keys to getting fit is make it interesting. I utilize cardio Muay Thai, Power Platform, functional weight training stretching, and, cardio with Hiit to challenge you. When we first meet we will go over your goals and interests and design a custom program that engages you while reaching your goals.

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23 December 2018

David is a great trainer!  Really cares and gets results!  He makes working out fun and challenging!

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18 December 2018

David at Optimum Fitness is great and will get you in the best shape of your life no matter how you’re feeling now. He’s always offering me a fun new way to workout so I’m never bored thanks to what I learn at Optimum. I can’t recommend him enough so send him a message if you’re considering it. More...

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I make working out at a high intensity interesting, challenging and, effective. I utilize cardio kickboxing functional movements, fencing and, weightlifting to get results those results will help push you.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams, is to understand human physiology. By using workout techniques that target your specific needs you can achieve your goals. I have trained and I used to fight in amateur MMA. I also trained people in a college as an assistant to my professor. He was a great teacher that showed me how to help people a large range of people. I learned to work with many different people. My secret is experience and listening to your needs and adjusting the workouts to push you and get your body to the next level.

I love getting to know you and help design a plan to get you fit and stay fit. Through diet, exercise, and mindfulness, we can make changes that last a lifetime.

I meet a professor named Jeffery Jesperson, he saw the potential in me and helped bring my best self forward. I worked with people in the Wellness center in Fullerton College. Seeing people make life long changes seemed valuable to me. I wanted to carry on with this line of work after college.

You should choose me because I care about your progress. I define progress as when you achieve your goals, and can keep going without me. I focus on professionalism, and being punctual. I update my education and skill set constantly, via Fullerton Junior College and National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.).

I can help you develop a fitness program that is effective, safe, and challenging.


I design all my workout routines for specific clients needs and I take readings from a bioimpdence scale to make sure that the workouts are effective. I utilize functional exercises, cardio Muay Thai and, calisthenics to get results. We will also make small adjustments in your diet and focus on building up mental resilience.

As you workout your muscles tear and rebuild continuously, some times your muscles will create knots that cause pain. I use massage to help you relax and heal your body. I like to incorporate stretching along with oil (scent free, lemonbalm, or no oil) to help relax the muscles and get to the deeper knots.

Sometimes life beats you down and wrecks your ambition. I help you get focused, disciplined, and back on track. We will work on your fitness, stress relief, and building positive habits.

Cardio Muay Thai is a great way to get inshape, lose weight and, relieve stress in a productive way. I bring gloves and weights to create a dynamic workout. Ihave had great results with many clients losing 10 lbs to 30 lbs in a month. It's a fast paced workout that is very engaging.

Starting a new workout regiment can be hard. I can help you with motivation, discipline and, drive. I will also help you understand how to workout in a safe, interesting and, effective way. I utilize a Fitness wholesaler to help design the perfect gym for your specific needs. They have any equipment you need to get results without the mark up of most retailers.