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13 November 2020

I came into Open Road with the goal of getting a good deal on a car.  I was assigned to Josh Bradley who went through the motions of selling me on the car.  After a bit of back and forth, we settled on terms and I decided on a color that unfortunately was not on the lot.  He mentioned that putting down a deposit would hold the car for me as soon as it came into the lot.  He also assured me that the deposit was completely refundable for any reason so I paid my deposit via credit card and left.The following week, I started having reservations about the deal.  I then formally emailed Josh and asked for a refund.  I left voicemails and asked him to call me back because I felt bad and wanted to apologize in person.  Multiple phone calls led to speaking only with other Acura employees and a voicemail to the manager.  More than a week after I formally asked for my deposit back, I decided I had enough and called my credit card company to dispute the charge.  I understand dealerships get upset when transactions fall through but in a situation such as this, I expect them to be gracious and not petty.  I definitely don't recommend this dealership at all!Final message to Josh: the A-Spec and the Advance trim have identical 3D ELS speaker system (you don't need to upgrade to the Advance trim!). More...

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29 September 2020

I went to this dealership because I got a good offer, and when I arrived everything went smoothly. The agreement was $4000 down which would include the first payment (I was told this by two different people). When I left the dealer my aunt realized the debit card was charged $4408. I called and left a message for Jessica which is the sales person who assisted me, hours went by and no call back. I texted Jesse who was the one I had been interacting with via text and she texted back immediately, but told me that she would have to get back to me on Monday, and I said okay. Monday comes and I receive a voice message from the finance manager stating there was confusion on the payment. I called him back immediately and left a message on his voicemail and it's almost 24 hours later and I have yet to hear from him. This will be the first and last time I will do business here. How dare they take out an additional $408 from someone's account and say I was confused about the payment. I asked both parties involved, was the first payment included in the down payment and again they both told me it was included.. I'm pretty upset!!This is an update.: First of all let me say that Jesse is freaking great and very attentive! I spoke to Jean and again was told that it was a confusion, but they will compensate me with two years of free oil changes for charging  $408 extra on the debit card...Oh I'm jumping for joy !!! More...

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26 September 2020

I have never written a bad review. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. Especially during Covid-but wow. Went in for Service on my leased MDX, met with Josh who I leased from before and decided to lease again with him and on the same day walked out with a new 2020 MDX. Experience was good-UNTIL I LEFT. When I turned my older MDX in that day, I had not realized that my husband had bought a BRAND NEW full size spare and it was in the MDX I turned in. I let Josh know immediately when I found out, at which point he told me that the Service dept. did not have time to remove it that day, and that I would have to come back. I did-But really I shouldn't have left without it. I went back for them to install my ORIGINAL full size spare, that we purchased in to my newly leased MDX- waited about an hour while they did it, got it home and when we went to look at it, it was a USED DINGED UP WHEEL!! NOT the one we purchased and were told we would get back. I called Josh more times than one should have to for help, and got NONE. Then-did I mention I am still waiting for my plates since July? The ones on my car expired August 27th and a month later I FINALLY had someone take my call today only to let me know they still are not in. When I asked, can you give me new temp plates? What if I get pulled over the response was-you shouldn't get pulled over, the cops aren't really checking for that?!!!!!! WHAAAAAT!? My husband happens to be a cop, and spit his coffee out at that response. She said If I should happen to get a ticket, they will pay it for me. Wow-thanks. Please note, I made 4 calls to Josh, left voicemails each time, and was sent to voicemail 2 other times when I called because I gave up on Josh-Today, after 2 MONTHS-someone finally let me know that she will have to-you guessed it, call me back-oh, and the wheel?  Still not one word from Josh or the Service department that ripped us off for a brand new one. SUPER disappointed-8th Acura in our family, including an NSX-and will NEVER get one from here ever again. More...

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14 September 2020

Here's my experience with Open Road. About a month ago I received an email from the internet sales manager stating I can get out of my lease 7 months early and get a new 2020 MDX (would be my 3rd car from here)For a drive off fee of $2881 (which includes all taxes fees, and first month payment according to the email. I thought about it for a moment and decided to go forward with the offer . Upon contact via phone conversation with the internet sales manager we discussed the initial $500 hold fee for the vehicle and the "drive off "fee of the balance due with no other hidden fees . So later that day I noticed my card was charged $1000 ,the not only the internet sales manager took the $500 the sales associate took $500 as well .I figured it was a honest mistake and lack of communication on their part and reached out to internet sales manager and agreed to only have to pay a balance due of $1881 drive off fee now.Upon the financial part of the drive off I was told the new drive off fee was now $2760  (almost $900 more then I was told originally) this was now taken from me and upon driving home noticed and called and emailed many times to get no response or at best lies saying I was gonna get a refund on my card and a check sent to me .Needless to say neither has happened.Disappointed and upset with this dealership is putting it mildly.I will never ever use them again,nor should anyone else for that matter .Josh Bradley is the biggest liar I have met at a dealership and will never go back again More...

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15 February 2020

Just bought a car and picked it up today. Adam Links was a pleasure to deal with. No games just real negotiation. True to his word. Stand up guy that doesn't play dealer games. Highly recommend him!!! More...

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