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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am a portrait and wedding photographer. I currently reside in Bellevue with my wife and a son. I enjoys running, hiking, cooking and of course, photography. I am currently available for freelance projects. My focus is quality and would never cut corners.

Pricing and availability are available upon request.

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16 December 2019

Working with Robin was such a great experience. He really has an eye for photography and I was pleasantly surprised with what he captured. He truly shows his passion for photography and skill in his work. He has a wonderful taste for the aesthetic with his editing and composition. He is professional, fair and easy going. Will definitely hire him again. More...


Having a Connection with real person helps getting a good photograph .

What are they looking for or ideas they have in mind

Meeting new people and families, getting to know them

My inspiration is my family who have helped me see small good things in life and make wonderful stories

When i am there project i like to make people comfortable as much as possible. Most Photosession pictures delivered within a week . Free goodies for sure on each assignment 😃


Good for family , couple, wedding and seniors

Good for birthdays, weddings, events This for all events you need me for ranging from 1-8 hours of photography.

This for all soon to be moms . The portrait session 1-1.5 hours on any outdoor location you like

This for all new moms and dads . The portrait session 2 hours for newborns age 2-4 weeks at the comfort of your house.