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13 customer reviews

17 September 2020

Ordered some samples, the print quality was quite nice but the fabric seams on every item were sharp and scratchy on my skin. The dress seams were so sharp I couldn't even wear it at all. I contacted support and they told me that's just how they sew them. Not sure what other people's experience with this is but I can't use clothing that is completely uncomfortable to wear. More...

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20 August 2020

Hire more customer support and improve production and shipping. Offer chat and phone support.

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9 August 2020

After 2 weeks, production is still pending, worse, they didn't honestly publish this in their updates. Their updates are always: "Orders placed *date* should be back to normal, under our up to 3 business day production schedule " But even you placed after that specific date indicated, it never gets back to "normal". The "up to 3 business day production schedule" is a lie just to take orders even their capacity is not enough. More...

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31 July 2020

Kin Custom can improve first by having competent customer service reps who can read past the first sentence, problem solve, and respond within the 24 hours quoted. When Echo did respond she simply provided me with the tracking number, bypassing the fact the order was marked delivered even though it wasn't, UPS NEVER COMES THAT EARLY TO OUR AREA!!! she later says the package wasn't shipped yet and the delivery date is actually the ship date. (get a clue!) after sending her a screenshot, you know, doing the work for her, she in turns sends me a screenshot of the same search stating the package was delivered on 7/28 and to "look for it" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? UPS and KIN CUSTOM states they will initiate the claim if you contact them before the 14-21 day window. instead of looking into it for me she's simply responded sparingly with nothing new to add but repeating what i already told her. THIS IS MAKING YOUR COMPANY AND MINE LOOK BAD SO BECAUSE THIS WAS A SAMPLE ORDER I WILL NOT BE USING KIN CUSTOM AND IM REQUESTING A REFUND BECAUSE THE REQUEST FOR A REPRINT WAS CLEARLY IGNORED AND NOT COMPREHENDED. FORGET TRYING TO CALL THEM, THEY BLAME COVID FOR THE LACK OF SERVICE. My complaint isn't the only so I'm taking this as a sign that you simply can't handle the orders you have. REFUND ME MY MONEY AND LETS END THIS HEADACHE ******************UPDATE AUGUST 5******************** AFTER practically "yelling"(commenting on several social media post, videos, etc) I received an email from Amina who addressed every one of my concerns point by point, indicating she read and fully understood my issue. She offered to make the situation correct by refunding my money and starting a claim for the lost package. Giving it a few days before responding, one for my mental sanity, two to see if anything comes of it, if the package turns up. 3 days after the said delivered date the package arrives via USPS with our usually carrier. (package marked delivered by UPS but they weren't the final carrier and it never entered their system) I replied explaining a refund wouldn't be required because the package finally arrived (I know, honest right?) leaving suggestions to be taken to management on ways to improve their service as well as explaining what happened with the delivery protocol. The customer service could really improve and the level of reading comprehension could be better. Skimming an email that details the problem is a good way to overlook the exact problem and solution. So for anyone having similar issues, using economy shipping and it says delivered with UPS, give it a couple of days and see if it turns up with USPS. More...

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30 July 2020

It’s been two weeks since I made an order for my Stores photoshoot and the order STILL HASN’T PROCESSED, I’ve had to move my photoshoot back and they have yet to respond to my inquiry Glad this happened before we opened, Not Reliable at All

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18 June 2020

I made a purchase on April 23 2020 as well as on April 24,2020 and here we are June 18, 2020 and I have not yet received neither item and the company refuses to issue a refund.

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29 April 2020

I'm a new customer so I'm trying to give this company the benefit of the doubt as I build my business. But thus far, I am not impressed. I understand that there is a delay in processing orders but I feel like their is such lack of communication between order fulfillment and customers. I am a new business owner working with brand ambassadors. They have already signed the agreement to work with me by showcasing my merchandise. I ordered samples of my merchandise at the beginning of the month and my order still says "Pre Shipment" and have not had updates since then. Obviously, subsequent orders are moving just as slowly, or not at all! I'm not sure what to say and how to rectify the situation to my customers when this is out of my hands and I have no real information to give them. But I feel like my credibility is already dropping and I'm JUST starting my journey as a business owner. Now I'm wondering if I should have gone with someone else... More...

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17 April 2020

There is a glitch on their end between them and PayPal that they admitted. They still won't refund even though they agree it's a glitch between them and PayPal. They responded that they never refund money if the package was sent it to the wrong address (even though this was their fault). The customer service is the worst. More...

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14 March 2020

lots of options and love the free shipping

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18 February 2020

Customer service at first was great. Now gone down hill. I've had to pay some back some customers for goods, due to very slow service over Christmas.

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11 February 2020

they screwed me over. Been waiting two months for something.

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5 February 2020

It’s been two weeks and my item still has not shipped to my customer. It was my first and last time using them! After reaching out to customer service I was told the item would ship on or before Feb 3. Today is 2/5 and my item still has not shipped!! This doesn’t even include the 10-15 ship time. I which means my customer would have waited one month for a simple Tshirt! More...

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27 January 2020

Awesome company. I have used them for the past year. Hardly any issue at all. My only wish is that the fabric was a bit better quality for the hoodies Bc when I print using black , it beads up over time and doesn’t look good. If you stick to lighter colors it’s less noticeable More...

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