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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Are you tirelessly striving to achieve a certain weight or body image?

Are you constantly beating yourself up for "falling off" the diet-train?

Are you fearful around food, and ashamed of failing to reach your health goals?

Do you find yourself in a constant state of stress, anxiety or worry over making your own choices?

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15 January 2021

When first starting the program I wanted to eat healthier, gain strength and feel more energized. Michaela was able to help me work towards these targets by finding healthier options to replace my never ending cravings for salt, chocolate and ice cream; she also helped me understand why the cravings were happening and the emotional aspect of it as well!

Through the program I began to gain self confidence through the power of my mind and learned how to be my own cheerleader and source of motivation. I began to exercise more and move my body in ways I actually enjoyed. Through that I gained energy and actually wanted to fuel my body with healing foods. I don't crave sweets and salt like I used to and unconsciously make healthy decisions for my body, it's habit now! I'm able to listen to what my body needs and honor it with a wise choice.

Nourished soul is amazing, caring, extremely knowledgeable and patient. They take the time to really listen to you and tailor the tools to your specific needs: routines, foods, mindset techniques, etc.

I would recommend Nourished Soul to anyone who wants to improve their health, relationship to food, and emotional well being. This program won't work unless you are serious and want to create real, lasting and positive change. Unlike other programs and diets I DON'T feel restricted, left out or like I'm lacking or missing out on anything! I am in charge of my life and I feel confident and back in control!

15 January 2021

In the past three months I have changed my eating style, my lifestyle and my attitude. One example I learned from the program is a morning habit of having hot water with lemon before I even touch my coffee. I was at my sister's and she offered me coffee and I said no I need to have my water first! I spend a lot more time thinking before I put something in my mouth and ask myself if I really am hungry or am I just eating? Michaela has helped me develop new habits and mindset, she is fantastic! More...


We love that we can truly connect with people, we love the opportunity to sit down and really get to know our clients; their wants, needs, their behaviors and so much more. It gives us the power to really design a tailored program for each individual. Everyone is different, our needs, our food choices, even how we move our bodies and think from a day to day basis; because of this individuality we give each and every clients something that truly works for them and we are able to give them their life back.

I was sick of the chronic yo-yo dieting to achieve a specific body type. I felt ill, lethargic, coupled by migraines and acne. I felt hopeless.
I desired to look good and feel good, not just physically but emotionally, too. So I went on a journey of transforming my mind, my body and my soul.
Today, I am happy, healthy and empowered when it comes to making decisions for myself and my overall well-being and I lead individuals to do the same.

We have a humanistic, holistic approach that is unique to anything you've seen before. We actually work with you one on one , truly listen to your needs and desires and guide you through the tough parts so you can learn about the thoughts and actions you are currently stuck in so you can leave them behind for good! You will heal not only your physical body but your mentality and the things in life that make your heart soar!

We offer our services online, we want to reach individuals beyond our own communities while creating ease for ourselves and our clients. In addition to these times in Covid we believe it is safer and more efficient for both parties.

Everything is online, from the comfort of your own home!


If you're tired of diets, of feeling lost when it comes to what you should eat, how you should eat and why. If you're fed up with being told what to do and always coming back to square one, feeling defeated and trapped in your body but know deep down you want to improve, to feel beautiful inside and out; to have energy, a drive for life and an excitement to be yourself again.
Then should you sign up!

This isn’t like anything else out there. It’s truly unique in that this is truly tailored to the individual, yes there is a lot of information but you can take what works for you and leave the rest out. This program has the freedom and flexibility to be molded to each client's needs, same information but each client will come out on the other side how they dream based on each unique approach of the information used.

This 5 week online course gives you the tools and information you need to begin to understand, love and accept your body. Learn about healing foods, get fun, easy and delicious recipes at your fingertips AND receive a guidebook to help you navigate your unhealthy habits and turn them around for good!

Tired of feeling trapped in your body? Exhausted of feeling sluggish, uncomfortable and even insecure in your body? Looking to get away from the mainstream "fixes" and find something that actually works for you?

Nourished Soul Collective is just for you! It's an online community of people just like you: amazing individuals who are looking for a way to break free from society's stigmas and truly feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

A monthly membership (first month is free!) with access to resources to help you love the skin you're in, an inside look at intuitive eating, meditations, yoga and so much more! Say goodbye to the cookie cutter diet culture process and say hello to doing things your way and getting results Nourished Soul style!