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Within the leadership roles at NoCo Protective Services we have more than 15 year of related experience. We believe in building with the community we are serving, and believe in resident retention. Noco Protective Services is a hands on company.

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31 July 2021

I am the maintenance technician for the best western in Loveland, I spoke with Nathan who came out to do the risk assessment for our hotel. Nathan was very professional and knew what to look for. He listened to my concerns and had our estimate ready within 24 hours. Once we have the budget to hire a full time security company we will be hiring NoCo Protective Services More...


What we love and strive for here at NoCo Protective Services is seeing the impact we make and the relationships that are formed not only with the client but with all residents and staff.

During covid I began to see a lot of security companies fail and close their doors, Unfortunately when this happened I saw a increase in illegal activity such as property damage, Assaults, Trespassing, Transient traffic, Squatting in vacant units. So after seeing all of this go on I wanted to be the hope for businesses and be apart of something bigger than myself and that would give me the opportunity to give back to the community.

We are a hands on company. We try to keep law enforcement off of the property unless absolutely necessary. We are trained to handle domestic violence issues on the property. Armed alarm response, unannounced supervisor checks nightly. Detailed daily logs emailed as well as any incident reports we will provide to the client within 4 hours of that shift ending.

Not at this time for security. Due to the nature of the this line of work it is crucial to have onsite security or a vehicle patrol.

We follow all CDC guidelines. Including social distancing, face mask where required to do so. After each contact with any vendor, staff member, or resident my officers are required to use hand sanitizer that they are provided with.


This position can provide lock ups, gate duty, building search, vehicle search, escorting personnel, perimeter checks. Any low level calls for service at that property.

This position will be responsible for all duties as a unarmed foot patrol is responsible for. This position will be responsible for all alarm response, Any other priority calls for service onsite that does not warrant the response of law enforcement first.

This position will be responsible for lockup’s, perimeter patrols, site surveillance, as well as any other service the client would like to add.

This position will provide security for any repairs to property as well as fire suppression. We do provide all of our own equipment for this.

Provide security service for any event. At this time we do not carry equipment to wand patrons.

Armed body guard services. Can provide up to 10 body guards. Most of our body guards have prior military training or law enforcement.

With our computer aided dispatch software we can dispatch patrol officers. Our system saves each call for service for each call, including how many times we have been called for that issue. We also upload all resident vehilces into our system for parking enforcement.

All security services for Apartment Complexes and HOA neighborhoods.