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6301 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, MD, USA


Hi, I'm Niki! I'm a trainer at ACTION Sport & Fitness, a private gym specializing in personalized workout and nutrition programs that are short, energy boosting, and transformative. All of our fitness and nutrition plans are custom tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle, and we guarantee that you'll notice visible results in 100 days or less.

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The first step to helping clients achieve their goals is through a preliminary assessment and consultation! This is for us to get to know each other better, and for me to better understand your goals and current level of ability. The assessment includes low-stress series of strength and movement exercises, plus time for us to chat about what you're trying to achieve.
After your assessment, I design a fitness plan that is custom tailored to your lifestyle, goals, and everything we discussed and discover during your assessment!

Dedication and CONSISTENCY! Building a fitness habit into your lifestyle can be tough, but is made so much easier with a good trainer to guide you through. I am here as a support system to keep you accountable & working hard, to coach you through tough movements and other roadblocks, and to show you how to achieve all your fitness goals.

The thing I love most about my job is seeing my clients reach their goals! I'm always amazed and so proud of what my clients achieve, and inspired to see them working hard and continuing their fitness journeys on their own.

I'm passionate about health and fitness, and believe in the mental as well as physical benefits of exercise. I know that stepping into the gym can feel intimidating and inaccessible to many people who don't have experience with exercise, and I'm here to show my clients that fitness is truly for everybody. It's not "one size fits all", which is why none of my plans are either. No two of my clients do the same workouts, because no two of them are the same! I'm dedicated to each of my clients' individual goals and take a highly personalized approach in designing fitness plans.

I offer both in-person an remote training! For those with a busy schedule or wanting to work with me from a distance, I offer training plans via Zoom. You can workout from the comfort of your own home, even with minimal space and equipment. The value of your workouts are exactly the same as if we were working together in person, minus the commute time.

For our in-person clients, we sanitize our space and equipment before and after each client. Because we are a small private gym, there is only one client in the space at a time. This way, the space is yours alone during your workout with no distractions, and it's also easier for us to keep the space clean and sanitary!
Unvaccinated clients are kindly asked to wear a mask during their workouts (trainers are vaccinated but always wear masks for safety!), and temperatures are taken before your session. We also offer Zoom sessions for those looking to socially distance and workout from home.


Personalized strength training fitness program tailored to your goals, lifestyle and level of ability.