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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


You want to be safely and properly hypnotized to achieve major self-improvements and end undesirable disorders. We are the solution to achieve what you desire. The cost to be professionally, properly, and safely hypnotized is the lowest of which we are aware, nation wide.

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7 customer reviews

12 December 2020


An expert! Extremely thorough! Kind.

13 November 2020


Excellent experience i feel so great after my session

12 November 2020


This was an amazing experience. I have already seen great results.

20 May 2020


Dr. Dean was great, all over the phone in my own home.

21 April 2020


Fantastic. I would recommend for anyone seeking a solution to a bad habit, addiction, dependence, etc.

8 October 2019

Yes yes. I bought a bundle of hypnotherapy cds about 13 years ago for smoking. Best decision of my life. After using the cd a few times I never wanted a cigarette or craved one. Thank you so much. Someone borrowed my cds and finally gave them back to me. Again thank you More...

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8 October 2017

Hypnotherapy changed my life - actually gave me more control and peace of mind. Best decision I ever made - thank you!

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Doing our Paradise Father's will by using my skills and professional use of hypnotherapy to save lives, end the suffering of people in a world of hurt who cannot help themselves and raising funds to support genuine, registered charities.

I felt that I could make a difference in the lives of several thousands of American's by revealing the truth about clinical hypnotherapy and how it is properly used to reduce psychological and physical suffering. I provided an easy way for people to modify their behavior to achieve meaningful self-improvements and goals. I developed New Life Clinics into a nonprofit Charitable Trust and took it to national media and provided massive group hypnotherapy sessions in 38 states using a staff of volunteer doctors of clinical hypnotherapy. Sine 1993, the trust's volunteer doctors have, collectively hypnotized over one and one-half million people nation wide to quit smoking, lose weight, be relieved of stress, sleep better, increase self-esteem, end depression, be motivated to exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle plus strengthen and save marital relationships.

I am not just a hypnotist. I am a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have a vast amount experience in all phases of clinical hypnosis. I teach it at college level and have been in practice for over 31 years (since 1989). I know where from I speak regarding hypnotherapy. I come highly endorsed (see references on my website www.hypnosisthatworks.com). I have never been sued and never had a complaint registered against me. I place my client's safety as a top priority. I don't push, I don't rush, but I do get the job done and done right. I have a patient success rate undergoing my hypnotherapy documented by the City and County of San Francisco Department of Health of 84% (over 7,000 city employees and police officers treated in for weight loss and tobacco smoking cessation in 2001 in several dozen group hypnotherapy sessions conducted over a period of several weeks. To my knowledge, there is no other hypnotherapist or doctor who has that high of a patient success rate that is documented by a credible source. The net proceeds from fees paid for my services are donated to reputable charities that help many in need that cannot possibly help themselves.

I can provide hypnotherapy in person, in private sessions within in my private office at New Life Clinics in Kingman, Arizona. However, I prefer providing hypnotherapy by cell phone to any English speaking person within the United States. The outcome of the therapy is identical to a private session. I also provide 22 different hypnotherapy downloads on line.

I provide hypnotherapy via cell phone which eliminates any possibility of infection of Covid-19 to the patient or to myself and my staff. An in person, physically together session is not necessary to hypnotize a person. Hypnosis is an audio science and does not require visual recognition of the therapist to work properly and safely. The patient only needs to hear the therapist to be hypnotized properly and safely to achieve desired goals.


Tobacco Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy -
Stress Relief Hypnotherapy -
Weight Reduction and Maintenance Hypnotherapy - Exercise Motivation Hypnotherapy -
Increase Self-Esteem Hypnotherapy -
Freedom From Depression Hypnotherapy -
Hypnoanesthesia (Pain Relief) Hypnotherapy -
Sexual Enhancement and Performance Hypnotherapy -
Sleep Better every night, all night Hypnotherapy -
End Phobia (fears) Hypnotherapy - Stop nail biting hypnotherapy. Lifestyle counseling - Relationship counseling.

When you are hypnotized by me (Dr. Robert Dean), also included is a 30 minute free consultation, and then a two hour hypnotherapy session to end your disorder or to make significant self-improements. Once the session is done (and you are satisfied), you also get me for the rest of my career. This means if you run into a "rough patch" or troubling issues, even if they don't have anything to do with what you were hypnotized for, you have me on speed dial. You call me and I'll get you over that rough patch. I have been a professional Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and life coach therapist for over 31 years. This makes the one-time $150.00 donation asked for to be properly hypnotized (a two hour session) to end your disorder or to cause self-improvements you desire a bargain. We operate "not for profit' and that is why you get so much for far less compared to what others charge.

Who do you want to hypnotize and counsel you? A board certified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Ph.D.) and Board Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Hth) with over 31 years in practice or would you prefer a mere "hypnotist".

You also get me for life. You get a hypnotherapist (me) that has over 31 years of experience hypnotizing tens of thousands of clients to end their disorders or to make major self-improvements.

Call me. Let's get to know each other (free consultation). (928) 279-1848, Arizona Mountain Time Zone (I operate in every state within the U.S.) I provide professional hypnotherapy on cell phone or in my private office. My office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. I look forward to hearing from you. If I'm not available, leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.