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Helping individuals recognize and overcome challenges while authentically integrating within their environment.
Often viewed as an intercultural translator, I work with a vast range of adults. Some clients identify as having cognitive differences or think they have traits or behaviors that meet criteria of a neurological difference.

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My specialty is bringing an understanding of a cognitively diverse population and advocacy together. Through my love of understanding people, I can decipher complicated behavioral patterns into valuable insights that can help you build your self-awareness. Likewise, I am and have always been a designer. While not your typical designer, I am a systems designer. Regardless of your neurological makeup, I believe all people can design the life they want when they take the time to understand themselves. My mission is to help you maximize your potential on multiple levels.

This is why I exist. And why I want to serve.

"Appropriate services for highly intelligent people's diverse needs often slip through the cracks. This is why I have created Neurodiversetalk."
​- Dr. Mitran

As a coaching consultant, I provide my clients' education, resources, and tools to reach new levels within their relationships and themselves. To see yourself and have the option to make changes through calculated action is one of the ideal milestones of this work.

I work with clients across the Country therefore, my work is purely online through HIPPA compliant Zoom sessions.

When COVID hit, I expanded my practice due to the growing need for behavioral health and mental health supports. At that time, my practice transitioned to online sessions.


Here’s the deal, I am an advocate for those commonly misunderstood. While a dually licensed psychotherapist and now coaching consultant, my ultimate desire is never to stop being a student. While offering exceptional services, my ultimate goal is to continually apply the concept of “Tau” “Zou,” Beginners Mind. When operating from a beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities.

At Neurodiversetalk, my work is to educate, guide, and coach you to overcome patterns that no longer serve you. Having completed seven years of graduate work, over ten thousand client hours, multiple research publications, and two decades of navigating differences in neurology, I bring a vast range of experience to my client base.