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During this difficult time we are all going through, you may find the increased closeness of your partner has caused a bit of a crisis of its own. Now may not be the time for exploring personal histories, rather, you may be in need of effective evidence-based tools to help you and your partner get back on the right track.

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Genevieve F.
Nancy is a fabulous coach. For years I suffered from airplane bathroom phobia and upon learning that she can treat that, I was all over it. Not only did her intervention take away my phobia completely but I learned later on that my train bathroom phobia also went away. It was simple and only took a few minutes. It is remarkable that she can do such deep healing of phobias in such a short timeframe. Nancy's solution was unique because it was quick unlike exposure treatment, which may or may not work and could involve many sessions. I would recommend her to anybody that has a phobia of anything. Overall, I liked the efficiency, intervention as well as the global nature of the specific phobias I was suffering from that her technique took away. Nancy is the main person I will go to in the future for phobias because of how specialized and spectacular she is as a healer.

"Working with Nancy by far exceeded my expectations. I have worked with several coaches in the past and Nancy really tailors the program to suit your individual needs, which is hard to find. She is straight forward, super positive and funny as hell. I have really enjoyed my time with her. I would highly recommend working with Nancy."

Nancy has a very confident demeanor about her, which always makes me feel relaxed every time I visit her office. I have been working with Nancy intermittently for a little over a year now. I initially came to her for depression because I was feeling stuck in my career. She has also helped me to stop biting my nails as well and a few other habits I won't mention. I always feel relaxed and peaceful after a session.

"I have had Nancy as a coach since 2009. I have been through so much with her guidance and helpful focus and positive mentoring in competition and in life. I began with her for my first Figure Competition prep and now work with her for every day Life Coaching and for competition. She helps me sort my priorities with my every day actions based on my value system and how my life can be in balance and congruent to the best of my abilities. She's calm and her years of experience gave me confidence in myself through her coaching that has really helped me progress even when I thought I was floundering. My goals were to balance life and to be a better person every day. With Nancy by my side, I have contact through email, texting and my phone conversation once a week. She strives to learn from her clients as well and develop her practice through real experiences. I can't say enough about her and how much each week means to me as her client."

Working with Nancy really changed my life completely! Her understanding of psychology and her other tools that she utilizes during and after the training are incredible! My life changed from inside out. I carry with me the knowledge to continue on my own, which is priceless. She provided me with tools and empowered me to leave my life with wealth and happiness with not just me, but also with my family as well. Thank you so much for being always there for me!:))

Nancy is both an experienced and educated trainer who can personalize programs while maintaining her standard of work. She is highly motivational, just in who she is. She excelled in her early career and learned many lessons from that that benefited me and I expect all her clients. She is constantly evolving, which is the model for excellence in physical and psychology development! I recommend Nancy without reservation to all, and also have!

Nancy was such a sound, calming force both during competition season as well as during my recurring and debilitating back injury which prevented me from reaching my fitness goals as a competitor. She is a woman of incredible depth and breadth of all aspects of the health and fitness industry. Her expertise in the world of the "psychology" of food, dieting, and keeping the "life/work/competing" balance is invaluable. Those of us "veterans" who have been doing this awhile know there are many "layers" in the fitness industry, especially when one chooses to take it to the "next level". I truly value her "life lessons" which she taught me and have a special "Nancy Journal" which I still refer to.