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Dye to Covid_ 19 we have suspended operations except for some local ops! Sorry. More to follow soon. Thanks to a multitude for your support~ stay healthy, safe and beautiful. I will consider special cases. Norton

It is possible to still use a film camera.

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I can capture the personal spiritual essence and spiritual and physical qualities of each client. Every person has a unique bio physical vibration that can be captured in the here and now of a great photograph.

I have studied art all of my life although my background is in business gifted education and health. I find it when I started photography in the 70s that I was quite good at capturing somebody in a unique unscripted moment. Through the years I took a lot of photographs and found that people really enjoyed a professional, yet impromptu Photograph. They could see things in the photograph that they didn’t know that they even had like Strengths, beauty power and compassion.

I have work with childhood friends that were sculptures and master artist. Barry Snyder was a Disney Imagineer team leader for many many years. Childhood friend he taught me much about emotional intelligence of art and listening to people and giving them what they desire. I myself I’m not a fine artist but I’ve done art modeling. The encouragement that I got from Artists in my life elevated me to realize that I in fact could do digital arts and consider myself an artist by bringing out the best in people and making them feel that they were unique Internet themselves it didn’t have to be anything that they were not already in their heart and soul