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San Diego, California, USA

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Are you searching for excellent home cleaning to make your home sparkle? With our 15 years of cleaning experience, we know where to find the dirt and how to clean it. We begin with a deep cleaning and after that maintain that level with follow up cleanings.


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20 July 2020

I was trying to find one box not to check off since giving someone a 5 star rating and checking everything might signal a fake review, but Tom, Mr. Clean, is all of those things! I been having friends of friends or housekeepers of friends clean my home for years, but I got tired of not being able to count on them or not doing the job up to my standards. That's how I found Mr. Clean. I also didn't want to pay some of the obscene charges that some big companies charge, and Tom gives a great service for a reasonable price. He's always been on time, even if I'm not home (Security system tells me) and I absolutely trust him with the keys to my home so he can clean while I'm at work. There's nothing like coming home to a fresh clean home after Tom has cleaned! He does an outstanding job with attention to every detail. When the Covid crisis, happened, he immediately sent me a letter stating all of the safety protocols he'd enacted in order to ensure the safety of his clients and his employees, including cleaning with mask and gloves the whole time, far before our government had ever uttered a word about it. I'm very picky about how I like things done and even with which cleaners are used on what sometimes, and Tom has handled all of my requests with the utmost of professionalism and courtesy. Given the economic uncertainty of the times, I can only afford to have him clean once a month, but it I could afford it, I would certainly have him come more often. Tom and Mr. Clean are highly recommended! More...

11 March 2019

He had really good communication. He is really specific about addressing any concerns. He always sends a reminder when he is coming so you don't forget.

26 February 2019

They are very straight forward, honest, and if they make a mistake they will say something and fix it. Very accommodating and professional. Detail oriented.

16 September 2018

We love MrCleanSD! Tom and his team are very thorough and professional. We've struggled before finding good cleaners and are never looking back. We have two cats that shed everywhere and they take care of all of it. Tom is also very responsive to texts and super friendly. More...

2 August 2018

Angelo and Tom did an excellent job, I'm very happy with their work! I will definitely call again to use your services, thank you so much for taking this job on only one day notice! Our kitchen has never looked so clean! More...

28 July 2018

The house was clean, though it was a little pricey. I would definitely recommend them as reputable and quality work.

21 May 2018

I selected this cleaning service after trying out several small businesses and referrals from friends. I was unimpressed with other services that could not clean my house as fast or as well as I could myself. MrCleanSD is a high quality, time-efficient and affordable service. They are not here very long and I enjoy returning to a clean home.The things that were most important to me when selecting a service were communication, trust, and timing. Tom is very responsive to my individual needs in terms of scheduling and what my home requires. I wanted someone who would do mostly maintenance but notice when something extra was necessary. Tom is easy to reach if I need to give him a heads up about a special task or change scheduling. He has also been highly receptive to feedback if there is something I need done differently. The other thing I love is if they have a question they will call or text me to ask what I'd like, and if they notice they might need more time they let me know.Lastly, this is a small but important point for me. I needed someone who would reliably take the extra four seconds to make sure the doors are closed while they are in my home. I have an indoor-only cat, and although it tends to hide from them, they are still careful. More...

22 January 2018

Amazing Job! Tom and Ray arrived on time and ready to go. Tom responded right away when I reached out for a quote and scheduled me as soon as he could. My wood floors needed more attention than I anticipated and he was communicative and adjusted the original plan so I could get the most out of my service. By the time they left, my floors were shining and so was my bathroom! They were very professional, paid close attention to detail and worked hard. I will definitely book them again!!! More...

4 September 2017

The price I was quoted was a bit higher than I expected but the quality of the work made it well worth it. They were very thorough and hardworking

22 February 2017

Who doesn't love a clean house?  I conveniently scheduled my house cleaning with Tom. They arrived promptly and with all the supplies you could possibly imagine. My home needed a good cleaning as I have been dealing with some personal issues which led me to neglecting my house. The cleaners immediately went to work and my house was spotless when I returned 5.5 hours later. I requested a service which included my windows, screens and blinds. I'm so glad I did!  My windows have never been so clean.  Tom and his staff were friendly, efficient and complete!  I will never use another cleaning service. More...

20 May 2016

Tom and his crew are simply amazing! I've utilized their services a number of times and they are very maticulous...detailed and professional. Your home will be spotless after they clean it. And their rates are unbelievable too. More...

27 March 2016

I hired MrCleanSD to clean my house before I put it up for sale. They not only did a GREAT job cleaning all the surface areas, but they also cleaned under my fridge, under the oven, they cleaned the inside of my oven and microwave. They also took out my screens and washed them off while cleaning the windows. I am 100 percent satisfied with the work they did. It was very obvious that they take great pride in the work they do. More...

9 March 2016

I worked with Tom to schedule my appointment, which was easy even though I requested service less than 2 weeks in advance.   I asked for a deep spring clean with window-washing (we currently have 3 dogs who enjoy playing in the mud & dirt), and when we got home the place looked great!  Our windows were so clean we thought the crew had left them open.  I would definitely recommend!!! More...

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We've been in business since 1998. Tom started cleaning churches with his dad and grandmother at 7-years old.

We bring our own tools and supplies. Our supplies are thorough to include pH neutral cleaners for wood & stone so to best preserve the finish.

We love seeing the difference that we make, and we love making clients very happy.

After house cleaning for years, I learned what clients want and I learned how to clean and how not to clean. I knew I could do better so I started my own business.

Clients should choose MrCleanSD if you love having the details cleaned. We go above and beyond.