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Moving Pixels Video specializes in creating heartfelt videos for Bay Area companies. We understand what it takes to reach people in a way that inspires them to support your company's product or service.

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15 April 2019

"From introductory meeting to finish product I was very satisfied with Moving Pixels Video services. Allen was great, he was instinctive and sensitive as to what was needed to pluck a music video from a catastrophe shot by "others" into a fine usable finish product that I'm proud to post on my website. "

McKinley Moore, Musician - Otis Redding Legacy

19 December 2018

Moving Pixels Video created a promotional video for Cancer Support Sonoma's Friendraiser Initiative. It is high-quality, moving, and communicates our message perfectly. Thank you!

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At Moving Pixels Video storytelling is not just about reporting facts, it's about finding ways to engage the viewer.

Every project, no matter how simple, is different. At Moving Pixels Video we love the process of learning how to move an audience and creating a story that will have an impact on your business.

I love problem solving, especially video storytelling. Doing video production allows me to use my art training (I have a Masters of Fine Art in Painting) with my interest in the psychology of persuasion and influence. I love being effective on behalf of my clients.

The most powerful and influential videos are not about facts. They make us laugh, cry, peak our interest, or teach us something new. At Moving Pixels Video we work with our clients to understand how best to reach their customers. We bring 19 years of experience in video production and an understanding of the psychology of influence to the video creation process. Call us, we'd love learn more about you and your company.


Moving pixels offers our client's complete video services, from initial concept to completed video. We work with you to develop your message and turn it into a finished video. Filming in 4K high definition video Moving Pixels equipment includes: - Sony 4K high definition video cameras and lenses, - professional video lights and stands - sound mixers/recorder - Various microphones including: shotgun and lavaliere microphones We also have the following tools for moving the camera, that can offer a more professional level of production: **3 Axis Motorized Gimbal, **Camera jib (reach from ground level to 11 ft high) **10 ft. Dana dolly **Motorized Camera slider We offer complete editing services including, graphic animation, picture retouching, video color correction, and encoding services. HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR VIDEOS TO ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE WITH: **STORYTELLING – Reach influential customers by telling your story from their perspective. Let them see who you help and how they benefit. **A USER EXPERIENCE - told from the users point of view. Tells the story of a client or customer's difficulty or pain and shows how your product or service solves their problem, making their life simpler or better. This type of video is more powerful and effective than a fact or benefit focused video. **TESTIMONIAL - are enthusiastic client stories of their positive experience with your product or service. Including "B-roll to enliven the video so it's not just a talking head. **EXPLAINER VIDEO - show how a product or service works. Usually told from with an educational point of view to inform and enlighten potential customers. **TRAINING VIDEO - illustrates on a step-by-step basis how a product works and/or is assembled. **THANK YOU – Express your thanks to customers for their business. Make them feel appreciated. **MUSIC VIDEO - Because I'm also a musician, I love applying my Fine Arts and Musical background to make your song come alive.