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We believe that dogs and their owners benefit most from training entire, balanced programs. However, no program is one size fits all, so we highly customize each program to fit your and your dog’s goals and needs! We always offer a free consultation to get started, and then build a training and payment plan that works for your household, your dog, and most importantly, all of your long-term success.

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•Purpose: Single command gets an instant reaction, under distractions, in a variety of environments
•6-10 weeks, typically starting
•at 3 private lessons per week in home (20-25 lesson average)
•1 to 2 public group classes available per week for lifetime of the dog
•Begins in-home, fixing basic issues such as:
-Socialization with kids, adults, or animals
-Potty problems
-Kennel Training
-Introducing basic commands, first on-leash, then off-leash through use of an Ecollar

•$3000 and Up
•Purpose: Offered or recommended if further training is necessary to reach original goals due to unanticipated issues, or if further handler or off-leash training is desired.
•Customized upon completion of at minimum Basic Obedience Program
•Duration depends upon personalized program, most common between 12-24 weeks
1 to 2 private lessons per week, plus 1-2 group classes per week available always encouraged

•Purpose: Full handler focus, looking to needs of “their” human(s); non-reactive to outside environment; one simple task included
•Duration depends on personalized program and training history, typically between 3-6 months
1 to 2 public lessons per week
•Emphasis on advanced work at group class
•Types of situations trained:
-Busy department stores
-Simulate or enter your work space
-Loud, crowded public events
-Meeting for lunch
-Wherever your routine dictates service or therapy dog will be frequenting

•$3,000 – $6,000, sometimes combined with above program
•Purpose: Personalize medical and psychiatric alerts/responses or assistance tasks
-Psychiatric (dissociation, anxiety, self harm, etc)
…and more.
•Duration depends on level of reliability, consistency, and training required for performance of task/alert/response
•Group class always highly encouraged

• $6000 and Up
•Purpose: Maintain total control and handler focus while performing real life and competitive attack and guard scenarios.
•6 month minimum commitment
•Typically 1 meet per week
French Ring focus, dog versus a decoy
•Evaluating puppies 6 months of age or younger, or dogs with previous experience
•Exceptions made on a case by case basis