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We are a wedding or event DJ service we have a wide range of things that we offer . we offer MC Services, we offer some lighting, we offer PA and sound system services , we work with your caterer and your photographer to make sure that your day is planned correctly and goes off without a hitch, we offer four to six hours of services depending on what your need are .we are there to make your day special !


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We like to start off with the bride and the groom and what they feel is detailed as to what their guests would like to hear but as the party goes on we get a Groove for what the guests would like to hear and keep it in comparison to what the bride and the groom want .we know how to move with music and make the guest move with the music we keep up with the latest trends of what's currently out there. We work with the caterer to make sure that we know when the dinner is ready . when the cake is ready, when the toasting glasses are ready . we feel like we're the center of what happens there because we also go to the photographer and make sure that person is aware of what's going on next! when to be there to shoot that very moment in time that makes it special to remember for years to come so as the DJs I feel that we are the center of what goes on. and if we don't succeed then your caterer and your photographer don't really succeed either . it's a team effort and I believe that's what a wedding is ! you guys are creating your own team and we're here to help you get that far. The rest I feel we'll just leave up to you.

Although we dressed very professionally we are a laid-back entertainment crew we're not stiff we like to make sure that your guests feel comfortable in speaking with us and that's being able to speak with them as if it's just one big happy family one big party

We love most about our job is watching the people have fun that means we are creating an environment and a lasting memory for the bride and groom. that will continue on for years. we'd like for somebody to go home and go hey wasn't that the best wedding we've ever been to! And that's what gets my satisfaction going

Tell you the truth I've always cared about people and what they thought and I always wanted to make people happy. And this seemed to be the best way to accomplish this goal something that would make me happy and them as well that's what started it all and here we are today still trying to create those dreams from the imagination of others

I feel the reason that most clients is because we try to the best of our ability to make sure that they're going to have a good time along with their guests and at a reasonable rate we're willing to go that extra mile