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Mixed Athletic Performance (MAP) Training

Rocklin, California

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


MAP Training provides private training sessions, small group training and online services!

Every client not only receives personalized workout routines, but will also have a custom meal plan designed to support their new, healthy lifestyle!


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7 October 2020

Greg is wonderful and very knowledgeable.

28 July 2020

I have had personal trainers here and there and just never have been completely happy with them. I found Map Fitness Training with Greg and I am so excited be on this program. The workouts are fun and effective. The meal plans are easy and effective. This training program gives me so much knowledge and help me have so much more control of what I want to achieve.I would absolutely recommend Greg and this training facility. Thanks Greg!! More...

18 July 2020

I have always been stressed and struggled with finding the right fit for personal trainers for me. It’s just Such a shot in the dark it feels like. I stumbled on this website and said what the heck. I am so happy with it I found so many options and found a great fit. Thank you More...

26 January 2020

Great enviorment and get a good workout!

1 July 2019

Greg is the man. From the beginning he asks you what your goals are and then designs a workout plan tailored to your body and habits. Greg goes above and beyond for the price of his service. From giving you home/gym workouts to changing meals as needed. If you are training for a certain sport or activity, he does a great job on focusing in on the muscle groups you need to succeed. I started training with Greg when I began to feel unhealthy because of my weight and diet. From the first consultation I could tell that Greg was very invested in his clients success. That interest from him made me more comfortable working with someone new and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. I recommend Greg to anyone, especially those taking their first steps in the gym or produce isle. More...

9 May 2019

One of the best! He is definitely dedicated to fitness, health and being the best athlete. I highly recommend Greg for meal plans, workouts or one on one training.

29 October 2018

Greg is awesome. Very accessible and helpful with any questions or concerns you have and makes solid workout and diet plans that get you to your goals. Did the 30 day challenge and was presented with workouts that left me feeling pushed but accomplished, able to come back the next day not being too sore to complete the next day's workout. Diet plan was incredibly easy to follow and left it flexible for you to fit in the schedule you needed it to. Overall I came away with a hunger to keep pushing myself in the gym and making smart decisions in the kitchen. More...

25 October 2018

Really great work outs. And if you ever have any questions Greg answers them very quick.

25 October 2018

Greg is a great trainer. He provides a custom workout for you and what your looking to gain/lose. He also provides us with videos of proper forms and regression and progression to help improve form and strength correctly! I recommend anyone looking to lose weight and needs help to contact Greg! More...

2 February 2016

Great service. Great workouts. Custom workouts that fit YOUR schedule. I am very impressed and I would personally recommend MAP training to everyone I come across.

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Achieving fitness goals takes consistent work in the gym, but more importantly, consistency in the kitchen! I make sure my clients get both through customizing functional workout routines that are fun and effective along with creating meal plans to support their new workouts.

Think long term! It doesn't take a month to fall out of shape, so don't plan on getting back into shape in a month. The cold, hard truth isn't what anyone wants to hear, but understanding that will help you take small steps everyday towards the body of your dreams. Small steps add up fast!

My absolute favorite part of my job is helping people see what they are capable of. We all want to look good, but when clients come back and tell me how easy their lives get from their workouts (repairing injuries, running further, hiking a mountain, beating a friend in a sport, etc.), that is when I get the most out of my job.

I started my own business when the corporation I worked for started diminishing what they offered the clients. What started as 60 minute sessions at $, turned into 45 minute sessions for $$. Then came the low quality supplements they were trying to force me to sell. I knew opening my own business would give me the control to bring a better experience to everyone I worked with.

That is for you to decide. I have years of experience in training for sports, creating meal plans and training clients, but at the end of the day, personal training is just that...personal! I'm here to help anyone and everyone that would like to train with me. I absolutely love what I do and I think my training reflects that, but I also understand we have to mesh to make it all work....so I hope we do!