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Jaime is a mindfulness teacher and coach who accompanies her clients as they make positive changes to take care of their well-being and manage their stress with mindfulness. She is compassionate, non-judging and models mindfulness strategies and tools that can be woven into clients lives every day to live with more ease, joy and confidence.

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I love helping people know themselves and realize how capable they are of making positive changes in their life.

Although an introvert at heart, I am present, connected and skillful with my clients. I have experienced the power that mindfulness practice has had on my life, and want to share this with others.

I prefer to offer services online via zoom. If you live in Orange County, California we can arrange to meet in person if necessary outdoors.

I've arranged my coaching to meet online or outdoors only and am fully vaccinated. Health screening will occur if meeting in person to ensure no covid risks are taken.


Jaime prefers to work with clients for a 3 month commitment. Real, lasting change requires practice, commitment and time - coaching doesn't provide a quick fix. That being said, many people don't know what coaching is about. I offer a free 30 minute session to explore if we'd be a good fit for each other, and single sessions @$75.00/45 minutes.

3 month package - at $250/month we'll meet on zoom or on the telephone 4 times a month for 30 minutes each session (12 total sessions). If you are local to OC, we can arrange to meet in person. In those sessions we will identify the changes you want to see in your life, identify the best ways to create the changes you want to see, and develop mindfulness tools to help you realize these changes. Coaching is different from counseling in that we won't unpack past experiences and discover the "whys" of current behaviors. Instead we'll look at what is happening now and how you can put into place the changes you'd like to happen to create positive, lasting new habits.